Thursday, May 13, 2010


I just remembered this morning that I commented on something yesterday and before the comment verification box popped up, I had closed the window. Grrrrrrr

I was on my way out and thought I would come back and try it again...only I forgot and now I don't even remember which blog it was!

This happens a lot. I don't understand why, on some blogs, the verification box is right there at the time you make the comment so you know to complete it, but in other blogs, the verification box pops up after you hit "submit". Many times all you see then is the top of the blog and unless you scroll down to check, you don't even know you needed to put something in the verification box. Frankly, I don't know how my comment box appears. I'm automatically logged in when I go there so I'm not sure how it comes up to others. (note - this part was started last week!)

I now have numbered comments! I told you where to find instructions in my last post but then they didn't seem to work for ME. So I emailed Jon, because she got it to work, and the main difference seemed to be she had her comments "embedded below" which is one of the options in Blogger that I never really understood. When I changed to that format, however, the numbering showed up. Thank you Jon!

Here's a peek at the first batch of threads I dyed last weekend. I finally got them all wound but there is another batch drying. Pat sent home LOTS of the leftover dye and my first chance to use it was Tuesday night. Late. So I dyed the rest of what I had presoaked. I wanted to paint some lace too but couldn't find it and it was too late in the evening to go hunting. It was last night before I rinsed the second batch and it will be ready for me to wind onto floss holders when I get home. I have a new appreciation for those who dye and sell their threads. I would never have the time and patience. Or room. It's fun to do and sparks my creative juices but it would take a lot of prep work for me to do even small amounts.

Look at this GORGEOUS bag by Kathy over at

The stitching is incredible and caught my eye first when it was featured in Needlework News over at Craft Gossip. But THEN...I saw the tatted fence! Isn't that clever and doesn't it just fit in so perfectly? Kathy also has a Design Studio where she sells her creations.


  1. Ooh! I love that bag! And, yes... I've had the same thing happen to me when I've tried commenting on blogs. It's quite frustrating!

  2. You have some really pretty threads there, Gina! I cannot IMAGINE dyeing thread. Even as a kid, I thought tie-dyeing t-shirts was too much work and too messy (yeah, I was loads of fun)! The results are so beautiful though.

    That is an AMAZING bag! I could never carry it though - it should be in a frame - it's just too nice.

    :) Ann

  3. Yeah,I thought it should be framed or displayed somehow. My bags take a beating.

  4. Ohh those threads look wonderful especially the varigated one on the left hand side. Don't understand how the comments box works but I do know that after having some spam I now approve them before they go live!

  5. What a gorgeous bag!!!!! Love your new dyed colours!!

  6. Thanks for sharing the blog about the gorgeous bag. I think it needs to be in a museum for all to enjoy!

  7. Your threads are gorgeous!! And the purse is awesome, so much detail and the fence is a perfect addition to the scene. Thanks for posting the link

  8. Your threads look terrific! I would love to have the space to be able to dye threads. The process intrigues me, but alas, in a shoebox it is not my cup of dye... make that tea, which I COULD use as dye!

    The bag is astounding! She does wonderful work.
    Fox : )

  9. Your threads have come up very well! Lovely colours.
    The bag is very beautiful, yes it should be behind a glass somewhere for others to admire.

  10. That happens to me all the time too. I comment, click off the page and realize I didn't do the verification. Sorry it happens to you, but glad to know I'm not the only one.


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