Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Whaddya Think????

How do you like the new 3 column look? That part really didn't take long because I've done it on another blog or two, but finding a background.....pshew! I'll bet I've looked at two hundred backgrounds this evening and my back hurts and my eyes burn. I don't like the stark white centers but most have that or a dark color which meant I'd have to change the color and font of all my text elements and I wasn't in the mood to do that tonight, so this is it for awhile. I'll still be tweaking it but I've wanted a 3 column blog for ages and ages!

I was at Michael's Crafts at the weekend and they had some grab bags for $2 each. I fondled and poked and pressed the white plastic bag up against whatever was inside looking for something good. I got two bags. One was tagged "artist grab bag" and the other was "misc grab bag". I could tell they had brushes but thought they were the CHEEP craft kind. I was actually hoping for other good stuff in the bag and there were a few things, but THE JACKPOT was a total of 47 artist's brushes between the two! I paint. I have a good supply of basic brushes, but these are all the other brushes I would like to buy but can't justify the expense! I was so excited. I sat at my kitchen counter for well over an hour on Sunday, peeling off the stickers and labels that were on them, looking them all over. Tatting is one of my passions. Painting is the other.

That's Diogi (pronounced like you're spelling D-O-G), my son's cat. I was trying to take a photo of the brushes and she was hoping there was something there for her. Or maybe it was the natural bristle brushes that got her attention. You know...squirrel, sable, badger....

Isn't this beautiful? My daughter crocheted it for her sister-in-law's baby shower - yep, same one I went to! She went to a lot of trouble to get just the right colors as well as the right pattern. It will go in the baby's room very nicely and the green is a nice balance for all that pink!

For those of you who have lots of badges and award signs on your blog, there's a way to manage them! Go to Mommy Moment and learn how to make a scrolling sidebar widget. One reason I stopped accepting awards and such was because it can easily eat up room on your blog and eventually clutters it so much that it's hard to see the newer stuff (and you can see I've already got LOTS of stuff!). They have lots of good information under Blog Tips/Tutorials. I could have used this tip during the OWOH giveaway! It's how to set up your blog for NUMBERED COMMENTS!

Knitting humor! I originally saw this on Little Grey Bungalow but went to YouTube to get a smaller version. Wish tatters came up with some funnies!

No actual tatting this time. I've been working on needlelace and if you've been observant, you noticed I added the link to a new blog up by my picture.

So much to do and so little time!


  1. Oh, Gina, you've done it AGAIN. Another megga interesting post (LOVE the 3 columns) and the YouTube cartoon is just the BEST. Had me wetting the aged knickers!!! Thanks SO much for another wonderful post and here's to your return to blogging - I HOPE.

  2. I like the new look! I'd play around with my blog more if I understood what I was doing. I think mine will remain the same for a while longer, and I'll just enjoy the changes you make!

  3. Your "new look" blog is very clear. The Youtube film was so so funny, will be watching it again and again!

  4. Funnnnnny! Very good! And the new look? Fabbo! Great post!
    Fox : )

  5. i like this new 3-column look, gina. i've been thinking abt doing this too but didn't figure out how with so little time. now that u've done it, i shall try to learn a trick or two, one baby step at a time. mind if i checked with you?

  6. The best resource I've found so far for converting the basic Blogger template "Minima" to 3 columsn was in Three Column blogger:

    From there, you can also link to another page that shows how to adjust the space between columns. All copy & paste, as long as you figure out the right place to put it.

  7. I like your new background. I'm the same way about blog re-design. It takes me forever just to decide what I want, then very little time to actually implement things.

  8. Hi Gina,

    The three column looks great. Love the back ground, some of my favorite colors.I would mess with it if I had the time, I like the 3 column best.

    Well back to doing my thing. I love the baby blanket, it is quite lovely.

  9. Love it. Much more to see without too much scrolling. What a treat from the grab bag. I love the colours on the blankie. I have not changed my blog background since I started it.

  10. nice layout. Clean and lots to read. I really don't like the black backgrounds with the white (or red!) text. It makes me nauseated!
    Also, loved the video!! And Oh, how lucky to get those brushes.. I am jealous!

  11. I think the changes you've made are looking great.
    Thank you for the links on blogging tips and tutorials. The 'numbered comment' tut was very timely with the giveaway that I am having. You are in the drawing list. Good Luck.


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