Saturday, May 29, 2010

I finished Sue Fuller's Heart's Desire last night. The thread is one I dyed. In fact, I have three very similar colorways on floss holders because I was at the end, tired, and wanting to be done. I'm really not fond of this color combination, at least on the skein and floss holder, but if you've ever had to wind a skein onto a floss holder and then tat know it never ends up the way you think it will. It reminded me so much of red and purple, which the Red Hat Society likes to flaunt, but the colors next to each other jar every nerve in my system, so I was really hoping it wouldn't be that bad.

And it's not. The red is more pinkish and the purple is more bluish. It did turn out pretty but I can promise you I would never buy this colorway intentionally! But that's just my preferences. I noticed on Nita's blog from a few weeks ago that she used a Lizbeth thread with this kind of colorway. Hmmmmmm.....

Well...I just remind myself that it's all for fun! LOL!

I like to find positive messages in magazines, hidden in the advertising or completely out of context with the message. I forget what this one came from but it took some creative cutting to come up with this. I am a firm believer in finding the positive in everything, no matter how bleak it seems. Of course, there are those who are determined to find a negative message hidden in there is balance in all. You get to choose which you want to find.

For a little while last night, I attempted to stitch a needlelace "spider" in the diamond shape there in the lower half of the heart but I couldn't get the thread or heart or needle to cooperate. It kept pulling the edges in too close. If I'd had the heart basted down instead of pin-basting, I might have had more success.

I'm currently taking a break from mowing. I have to wait for my son to move his car and some logs out by the firepit. I was in town earlier today and bought some herbs to plant, plus one tomato plant and one hanging fuschia. I expect to spend a good part of today outside. I miss the days when I could break up the gardening throughout the week. Trying to do it all in one day isn't very successful. We only get the bare basics done. He's having friends out tomorrow and it's not raining for a change so there is LOTS to do!


  1. Beautiful and filigree! )

  2. I love the way your thread colorway turned out. It's very pretty. Of course, I'm a total variegated thread addict and have found myself loving combinations I never thought I would like when I bought them as the only choices available at Hobby Lobby.

  3. I agree about purple and red together. However, I think your thread is more magenta and blue, and it's very pretty and not at all jarring to look at. Heart's Desire is such a nice pattern for testing a variegated thread, with all those swirling chains.

    And I love your positive outlook, too. It's one of the things that keep me coming back to your blog!

  4. Oh, Yah!

    Messages on cereal boxes, toilet paper, billboards, junk mail flyers; messages everywhere, if you are looking - if you are a seeker!

    I was deep in thought walking along the road, many years ago, wondering where to look next for the answers to my questions concerning the universe, when I saw it; a round bottle cap sort of rubber thing right in front of me. I picked it up and read "Keep looking"!

    It was one of the earliest kinds of advertising of this kind; Coke had a contest and the winner would find the news on the rubber quarter-size disc under the bottle cap. (years ago!)

    Although I have very little saved and have given away much of my material life, I still have that little piece of rubber!

    If they print it, I will read it!

    Fox the Seeker : ))

  5. I love that Heart's Desire pattern - and your colorway is pretty!

    I agree - look for the positive in everything. I like this one: "Have a great day! Or not. It's up to you."

  6. Your colorway is pretty and the tatted heart turned out just lovely. I have not done this pattern. I love the message and did not realise it until you explained it.

  7. Remember the song, "Look for the Silver Lining" - that's positive thinking. We all need to do more of it these days. Love the way your heart turned out. Colorway is very nice.


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