Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I forgot that yesterday was Tatting Tea Tuesday. I was thinking about an entry for next week but completely forgot that it was actually Tuesday right then!

Here's the motifs laying on a piece of muslin. I have some ivory silky fabric like the purple and was kind of thinking of using an insert of that in the purple bag. I've put the motifs on gold and they kind of get lost in it. Decisions, decisions!

I have to show this....this is lace I tatted and attached to a nightgown in 2000. I took it with me to Ireland that year so I know exactly when it was done. LOL! I didn't tat it on, I stitched it after so I'm going to take it off now as the nightgown itself has seen better days. You can see the lace has held up well though. The lace was a "forget-me-not" vintage edging. I'm sure you've seen it. I used Gutterman top stitch thread as the only way to get good thread was to order it then. I love it that I can order online so easily now or even go to a few local stores or Zig Zag Corner in Greenfield, a little over an hour away, when I want the good stuff. This wasn't really bad, but it did tend to grab a bit when I closed the rings. It was about a size 20. I still have several spools. I should either crochet with it or use it in needle lace.

It's a very hot week here. It's been almost 90º or like today, over 90º and Monday was horribly humid. I sure hope it cools off soon. I don't have my AC in yet and since it's an OLD window unit, I'd like to look around for another first. It doesn't usually get this hot this early.

I like it that everyone is enjoying the giveaway suspense. There's already 50 entrants but you have til next Sunday night to leave a comment on THAT POST! And for the person who questioned if a random generator ever picked #1 - yes, I had it do that once. It DOES happen!


  1. I love that forget me knot edging. I don't do lace making except for a little needlelace but it always adds something special to a piece of work. When you take it off the nightie what will you do with it?

  2. The blue edging is very pretty!

    Have fun with your giveaway. I saw you on Craft Gossip but I didn't want to comment on the giveaway post since I wouldn't know what to do with all that lovely tatting stuff!

  3. I don't know what I'll put the edging on next but probably something more permanent, like a pillow or sachet.

  4. Ya know, I really wanted to say that the edging could be used as an added detail to the bottom of the motifs' bag, but then I enlarged the motif picture and realized they really wouldn't match. :-/

    So, aside from rambling, I say no gold with the Motifs! Those beauties should not be lost! LOL.

    The edging... hmm... How about the bottom edging for a bag or hanging lace planter (Nothing too think though, LOL). Or, and I like this thought, what about using it as edging for a pretty dress for Ellie? You may not have put a shuttle in her hand yet, but you can give her a jump start with the edging that maybe in the future she can then remove and use for something else if she doesn't want to keep the dress to hand down. ;-) (I'm guessing that you'd have enough for the sleeves and bottom of the dress for the beautiful baby girl!)...

    As far as the #1 thing... that was me... *blushes* That was also before I realized that I wasn't number one. LOL. I still think it's rare for #1 to be picked. :-P Not unheard of, but rare... ;-)

    -Stephanie Grace


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