Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I started the dragon wing too late last night. I was about half way through when I realized I did not do the "opposite rings" on the previous round. I could fudge and use the existing round to make a ring back to where the original would be but I know it would be a tight fit and it would not match the other wing. Nope....will start over tonight.

I spent some time getting my fair items "packaged" to drop off tonight. I had to cover a piece of styrofoam with fabric to display the earrings and necklace on. Yeah, this motivated me to put the findings on it so it's finished. I'm still bummed about the now-green beads but someone will like it. I wonder what the judge's comments will be? I used some lovely brocade in a beige color for the background. I pinned it around a small styrofoam lid I found at work and then stitched it closed by hand. I hated cutting into the fabric but frankly, I have no idea why I bought that one. It must have been on clearance and I had an idea in my head at the time. There is still a good sized piece left and I'll take this one off the styrofoam after the fair.

I also entered the booties. I wasn't going to since I'd already given them to Ellie but then I thought, why not? If they win a ribbon, I'll give them the ribbon when I give the booties back!

There is a bookmark that I made for the T.A.T. 2 course. I don't have a photo of it here. I also entered my little pouch, the one I made for myself originally. I could not find it for the longest time and I knew I had just used it in recent months! I gave up and later found it - it had fallen between two boxes so even though I was in the right area, I couldn't see it.

All of these are old photos so you can't see how I "packaged" them. I framed this and will probably hang it on my wall when I get it back. I like it so well that way. I also framed my needlelace leaves at the last minute last night. I had listed them to enter but then I felt they weren't very good and I probably shouldn't since there is always some beautiful hardanger of some kind but my main purpose in entering is to remind people of all the beautiful handmade laces and that they are still being made and maybe inspire others to take it up too.

I wanted to enter something crocheted too and thought about the crocheted thimble holders I made for a program I did with my lace group but then remembered this pincushion, one of my favorites, and decided to enter it instead.

I finished up the little embroidered bag I was making at the weekend so I could enter it in "Surface Stitchery". You can see it on my other lace blog.

I haven't mentioned anymore about Winona - my how time flies! My camera battery had already died when we went to the antique stores but I have to tell you about the very first one we went into. First off, my sister found a long white nightgown that she fell in love with. It was fairly simple in style but it went all the way to the floor. My sister is taller than me, around 5'7" and most long nightgowns hit about mid-calf and she wants them to go all the way down to the floor! She haggled with the owner and got $15 knocked off. In the meantime, I was wandering around and found an old tatted runner. For $75!!! I know it was old because all the motifs were tied together at the picots. LOL! It was done in ecru and it was a pattern I know I've seen in the older vintage publications, mostly big round motifs. It was in excellent condition. I took it to the lady and commended her on pricing it well. I hate seeing something like that for $5. I could have afforded it then, but what a shame to devalue some one's work like that. I found a few other tatted pieces elsewhere but nothing as big or intricate as that one. Sure wish I had a photo now though.

I won't be able to see how I placed at the fair until either Friday night or later at the weekend. I love seeing what else is entered too. Hope I remember to take my camera!


  1. Good luck with the entries. I'm looking forward to seeing how well you do. LOVE the booties.

  2. Best of luck with your entries!

  3. Good Luck with your fair entries! I love the collage of the booties. Did you enter the T.A.T. bookmark too?

    Were you in Winona, Minnesota? The antique store sounds great - it breaks my heart also to see some beautiful handwork that someone put such care into being sold for just a few dollars.

  4. Bluebird - I was in Winona, Indiana. It's not far from Kokomo, Indiana. Actually, the antique stores were in Pierceton, Indiana - only about 5 minutes away. LOL! And yes, I did enter the bookmark. I suppose I'm competing against myself but a variety of tatting means something that appeals to everyone. It's not all doilies and tableclothes! And they did let me exchange the booties for the dragons.


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