Saturday, July 24, 2010

It's been a busy day so far! I was up early (for a Saturday) to go to the Fairgrounds to collect my entries. It didn't take long at all and I expressed my concern about the booties being out in the open unprotected. Nicely. But next year I will be calling before I even preregister to find out what they have in mind.

On a brighter note, I collected $40 for the two big ribbons I won. Since it's my birthday, I also promptly spent it on the following:

We had Tatting Guild in Greenfield today. I haven't been there for at least three months and completely missed that Kaye Judt has published a new book! I had second thoughts about purchasing it since I have tatted almost every single one of the 24 projects in the book. But - that's part of the title - "projects for my tatting guild". There are a few I missed. So - for all those people who have emailed me about the apple and pumpkin corner bookmarks shown on my blog a few years's in the book!

Today we tatted a 3D acorn. I still have the cap to finish but it's part of a larger project so I won't be showing it until it's complete. I missed last month's beginning of the project so I'll have to catch up with that too.

I also missed that Iris has completed and published the book she's been taunting us about but it was there, at The Tatting Corner, so I bought it. This one is edgings and insertions. ELABORATE edgings and insertions. I kept going through it and wondering, "will I really ever tat these?" but you know, chances are I'll tackle the challenge one of these days. If I wait til then to buy the book, it might not be available.

And then there was this one, the Japanese one. I think I've looked at this one a few times and couldn't make myself buy it. Pattern books from overseas tend to be so expensive - but hey - it's my birthday! And I had $40 to spend. That didn't cover half the cost of all three, but it sure did help. I can't believe I've bought FOUR pattern books this month, counting Marilee's! All these books are at The Tatting Corner if you want to buy in the US. just happened that going to pick up my Fair entries made me about 45 minutes early when I got as far as Pendleton, so I stopped and checked out a few of the antique stores (and ended up being late to guild!) I collect ceramic "sachets" or potpourri holders. Most of them hang but I found these that sit on a flat surface and couldn't pass them up. I did pass up one that didn't have a stopper. I was only going to get one bird but it turned out they were half price so I went back and got the other one.

So...I think I'll take a nap. Family will be out tomorrow as we get ready for the BIG Family Summer Birthday ce;ebration next weekend. Bonfire, grilling, campout for the teenagers, good times for all!


  1. It's Your Birthday? Tat's GREAT!

    ♥♥♥ Happy Birthday, Gina! ♥♥♥
    Fox : )

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!! Glad to see you treated yourself to some goodies!!

  3. Happy Birthday Gina!!! It's my husband's birthday today also! I treated myself to a couple tatting books today in honor of HIS birthday... is that wrong? Handy Hands sent a coupon by email - 'ya gotta use it. I saw the Japanese book that you got, but figured it was still out of my league. The cover tatting is BEAUTIFUL. So happy you had a nice day and that your booties are safe and sound!
    :) Ann

  4. Happy Birthday! Very cool books too! I can't wait to see the acorn . . .sure wish I had local tatting.

  5. Happy Birthday Gina!! What great presents for yourself. Hope you have hours of joy tatting. Sounds like you had a great day.

  6. Sorry I missed your birthday announcement. Hope you had/have a great one. Love your 'self presents'!!!!

  7. Happy birthday, Gina! Hope you thoroughly enjoyed your day! Buying new tatting books sounds like the PERFECT way to indulge on your special day, so a big BRAVO to you!

    Heh, my word verification is "eptat." I love it when a random tat shows up in word verification! It like a lucky charm.

  8. Thanks for all the lovely birthday wishes folks! As you can tell, I decided to spend most of my day with tatting folks and it was a good choice.

  9. Hey
    Happy birthday and it's nice to see you back.
    You always show me something cool. I don't know how because I spend days and nights surfing.
    I have the Japanese book too. Couldn't resist the patterns in those books are usually so delicate.


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