Sunday, July 04, 2010

The Winner is......!!!!!!

Number 14 ~ Sally Kerson!

14. Sally Kerson said...
Just want to win because its my birthday!!!!

Well, Sally, you got your birthday wish! Please send me your mailing address privately and I'll get that out to you! Happy Birthday too!

My day has been pretty quiet and I'm perfectly fine with that. I noticed early that it was warm and muggy and decided I would put mowing off til later. Well...then it rained. I'm good with that too. I'm just being really lazy today. It's one of the perks of living in this great nation.

I did do a semi-cleanout of some boxes in my bedroom that I've been meaning to do for weeks. I want to clean the whole bedroom but for today, it was just 3 boxes and several bags on top of the boxes where I tend to dump them. One of the bags contained this box of vintage hankies that I bought a week or so ago. The lace is machine made and there are only 2 hankies there though it looks like more. When I opened them up and folded the edges back, there was discoloration on the white one. I washed them and noticed it didn't go away. I may have to soak them in something. If that doesn't work, then I guess they won't become anything special.

Here's another thing I found in the cleanout. When I visited Pat Winter in April to check out where our dye class would be, I stopped at CVS, probably a potty call, and saw these tinkly chimes. Only a few bucks and mostly plastic but they appealed to me for some reason. I was going to put them in my car and kept forgetting once they were in the house. I've hung them from the chain on my overhead fan in my studio. They have the lightest tinkle.

Tomorrow I am going to Winona Lake in Warsaw, Indiana, with my sister and her husband. I'll let you know what we do. I think we're going to eat out on the water.


  1. Jane S.12:44 AM

    Miss Ellie sure loves her grandma! Those are cute pictures.


    Jane S.

  2. She's gorgeous - a lovely picture! I like your new short hairstyle!

  3. What sweet photos of Ellie.

    If the hanky doesn't whiten up then perhaps it could take a little colour.

  4. Congrats Sally for being the winner. Hope you have a good trip with your sister. Ellie is really growing!!!

  5. Congrats to Sally - a perfect birthday win!

    Ellie looks adorable in her booties - and happy to be snuggling with grandma. Cute, cute!

  6. Congrats to the winner ))

  7. Wow thanks!!! See it does pay to be born on the 4th July and soon I will have a bookmark to remind me.
    Also like the new hairstyle and cute Ellie photos

  8. congratulations to sally! what an awesome bookmark, gina -- wish i'd had visited your blog in time to enter your giveaway! baby ellie is beautiful... and so are the precious tatted booties. (o: thanks for stopping by my blog & commenting. have a great week!

  9. How lovely, eating on the water. Try soaking in oxy clean for 20 minutes in warm water; works for me (well, should say DH as he now does all the washing).
    Two great minds: Bekah and I are planning to begin a clean out tomorrow.She does the work and I sit like a queen and say, "Keep" "toss" "Donate" After we are done the 'boys" (ages soon 25 and 74) will go rent a storage unit and we will have the whole sun porch empties (it's only
    been 5 years). But that porch is really a room, carpeted and everything.
    Bekah is opening her Framing Shop in August and the sun porch is her work room, but her actual business is done downtown. That way she can work at home, when she isn't substitute teaching. Busy, Busy. She also teaches ball room dancing; dancing w the Stars anyone? She attended a 2 wk intensive workshop and learned from the prob. dancers from that show. If she only had time to sit down, I'd teach her to tat!

    I hope you had a really wonderful Fourth! xx Bev


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