Friday, July 16, 2010

Whoo Hoo! Marilee's book arrived Thursday! This is a vacation day for me and my plan was to reupholster that icky chair in the living room I mentioned some time back. I'm pretty sure it will take me all weekend! But I will probably have to take a break and tat something - don't you think?

Actually, I did already. Last night was a free night so I tatted the simple stained glass pendant, minus the ring to hang the pendant from.

There is a nice assortment of projects. Marilee has been showing us several of them but I wanted to mention that the required skills vary from project to project so there is something for everyone. Some very easy ones, some with the opportunity to learn a new skill, and some more challenging. Since I rarely wear tatted jewelry, I generally only make it to give away or to use in another way. For some reason, Marilee's designs always attract me so I was anxious to try something out.

I also want to make those earrings Iris had on her blog a few months ago. Now see where my resolve for my 4 day weekend is going??? Add to that the dinner & movie and gallery walk I'm doing with my son tonight for his birthday, Dancin' in the Streets Street Fair on Saturday, and a job fair I want to go to on Monday, and check out the fair wins........and I wonder why I feel overwhelmed sometimes?

So...I started this last night, knowing today was a vacation day and feeling a little pressured about all I intend to get done. I woke up early, fed the cats, checked the computer, talked with my son a bit before he left. Then I decided to lay down on the sofa with a cold compress because my back felt a bit stiff. Wasn't a bit sleepy - but I slept for nearly two hours. Sigh....realistically, this is not a good weekend for the chair. I'll think on it before I jump into it. I DO need to mow and the temps aren't too high yet so that's my next plan. I'm sort of making this up as I go. Can you tell?

But I am SO glad it's not steaming hot and it's sunny and I have the day to catch up outside. I have a fun evening planned. I have a fun Saturday planned. Sunday and Monday might see me accomplishing something. I'll have to wait and see how it goes.


  1. Ooh! I hope my copy arrives today! I have not time to tat, though... must finish getting ready for my daughter's wedding!

  2. Have a great weekend, Gina! It does sound a bit busy for the chair, but busy in a really GOOD way... and you never know, if the mood strikes you. Sounds like you are keeping your options open and have plenty planned to choose from. "Flexibility is the key to air power."
    :) Ann

  3. Busy never too busy to tat. Happy B-Day to your son. It is my hubbies B-Day too. I have spent the afternoon (after cleaning 4 houses) running around picking up all his favorite things to make his day special. He is soooooo spoiled. LOL

  4. Have a great weekend, Gina! Lucky you - it is blazing hot still in TO!
    Fox the Melted.. : )

  5. I am so jealous! My copy of Marilee's book probably won't get here until next week at the earliest. I know what you mean about her patterns. They attract me as well. Especially her Atom pattern (the main reason I bought the book). I think it has guy-friendly potential. Have a fun weekend.

  6. Oh I can't wait for the book to arrive...jumping up an down ~ in my mind.
    I bought it for a friend who does wonderful tatting of all sorts (you would know if I mentioned her name) No, surprise, not JaneE. LOL

    Gina, you get me in so much trouble. I start looking at the other blogs you follow and I end up spending money on (gasp) things that are not tatted. I bought that little purse you showed, with the embroidery ~ It is about the size of a larger coin purse...such delicate work. I love artists and the work of their hands.

    Just dropping by to say bj


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