Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tatting Tea Tuesday

So far, I haven't even had any tea, but I know I will before the day is over. I also haven't tatted, but I have one wing left to do on a dragon which I'll probably finish up tonight. I intended to tat a trio of dragons for the fair but I can't find the others I've tatted (haven't even looked really) and I don't have time. I didn't realize that not only was the registration deadline last Saturday, the items must be taken in Wednesday night or Thursday morning. It's early this year! So, I've been scrambling getting things together. Last night I drove to my son's house to get the booties I tatted for Ellie. I'll enter them in the fair in place of the dragons - hopefully they will let me substitute what I said I would enter for tatting. You can enter 2 items in each category so I've got 2 in tatting and 2 tatted items in "other". I also have some RPL and embroidery that I'm entering. I haven't entered the past few years and I noticed the lace category didn't have that many entries. Gotta keep the inspiration alive!

Sometimes when I visit Etsy, especially after my monthly payday, it can be dangerous. Last week I ordered this adorable bird hook. I think I actually found some interesting stuff on someone's blog and went to their etsy shop where I found it. OH...I've got that much money! I'll order it!

Now, over the next few days I sort of berated myself a bit. I knew when I ordered it that I would redo it. I don't like the distressed look. It was a sign of improper care or laziness when I was growing up. Slap a coat of paint on there and nobody will know! The details get lost after awhile and it just looks cheap, IMO. I don't care what the current trend is - I don't like it. The seller offers to do it in a different color on her site but there is an additional cost and I didn't want a different color. She'll probably freak if she finds out I'm going to strip it down and start over. Her specialty is finding old iron, cleaning it up and doing something like this to it. So, I guess it's kind of expensive in the end by having to redo it, but if I don't, those worn spots will take my enjoyment of it away and what's the point of that?

So it arrived on Thursday. I love it! I'm not sorry I ordered it. I WILL redo it, but I LOVE IT! The branch will go back to being wrought iron but the birds will be painted. Or the branch may go white and the birds pale yellow. It's going to my bedroom which I plan to paint white, with white furnishings, and only a tidge of yellow here and there.

Just remembered I need to go buy some "points" for picture frames, to hold the backing in. Maybe I'll get to post later this week!


  1. I know what you mean about the distressed look. I have an old house and that style just makes me look like a slob!

  2. I like your plan for it. My daughter has a yellow room and it is very cheerful even in the winter. Having a white room with touches of yellow sounds crisp, clean and cheery also.

    :) Ann

  3. I hope you found your dragons for the fair. I think the bird hook will look even prettier.


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