Saturday, January 22, 2011

This morning was Tat Guild in Greenfield with Kaye Judt. The weather prediction was dire so I was uncertain about whether I would go or not, but the pathetic prediction did not come about and I went. There were a few new people there so that always makes it more fun.

I had a troublesome time with my scanner AND I couldn't seem to get a good photo of the project. I used the scanner for the bobbin lace bookmark I finished last night (on the other blog) and the camera for the BEE since it's 3D. Stacked rings and bees seem to be a popular combination but this is Kaye's own design and she actually calls it bobble tatting instead of stacked rings. I imagine the pattern will be in a future book or if you happen to be at one of the tatting events that she teaches at this year.

I've been having such a hard time with my camera. All the macros I snapped tended to be on the dark side though they looked nice and bright when I clicked the shutter. I finally checked my settings and found I had changed the exposure length at some point so we're back at the mid-point but I'm not sure when these photos were snapped in the process.

There is another variation I want to try soon too, if I don't forget. The little wings were made out of the plastic template material you buy for quilting templates. The bees buzzing around there were all so cute!

I have this book but it's not in English so I finally broke down and bought the English version. I've had to figure out the starting point on my own and it got tiresome!

I also bought a 50 gram ball of Presencia white. It's only 3 cord but it looks so luscious! A very bright white and shiny. I can't believe I'm buying white thread - but I know I'll use it for hand dying.

I didn't realize it but Jennifer also has a tiny bit of bobbin lace supplies and I bought a package of lace bobbins like the ones I've been using. They have the squared off edges ( I know they have a name that I don't remember) and don't roll around so much. Filled up my customer card so my next purchase will be 25% off! Whoo Hoo!

Fingertips are cracked again and I'm slathering lotion on like crazy. Penniwig had mentioned Eucerin as a helpful product so I got some "calming lotion" in that brand and it does seem to be even more helpful than the Aveeno I've been using, which had been the best so far. A bandaid overnight will probably finish off the healing. I was doing okay at home but when I returned to work last Thursday, I wasn't halfway through the day when I noticed my fingertips starting to split again. It's very dry there and I'm not willing to buy a humidifier for my office. Yet. If I'm still there next winter, I may.

Well...what shall I do next? More lace? Oh...I need to finish my OWOH projects. Better do that!


  1. I just bought the same book!

  2. What a sweet little bee.

    I hope your fingers are ok. I use pawpaw ointment if my fingers are too rough.

  3. Cute little bee!! My fingertips crack in the winter too. Oh it is painful and so hard to tat when they are cracked.

  4. I sympathise so much and hope your fingers recover soon. I don't think anyone who has never had that knows how painful it is...

  5. I hope your fingertips get better soon. Would aloe vera gel help?

  6. Selfishly, I'd love to see you tat some snowflakes...
    But maybe I was supposed to come here to help with your cracking fingertips...I swear by Zim's crack creme (sold at Rite Aid) was used for fisherman..I noticed on Amazon....they also sell nightly gloves...I think I'll get some of those...I also use "liquid bandage" (smells like clear nail polish) to put over my split fingers just to help with the soreness and help protect them a bit. Good luck. I hope you get some relief.

  7. Oh dry weather is so hard on one’s skin. The LOML has always had a terrible problem with this cracking and bleeding. Vermont Country Store, at one time, sold this really good cream that worked; and, then of course it was discontinued! I’ve been searching on his behalf. Clinique calming hand lotion works for me; but, doesn’t touch his problem. He is using Bear Paws (?) at the moment but has to apply it repeatedly. If you get in touch with me privately, I have a brand-new pair of those gloves you wear at night (with your lotion) that help. I’d be pleased to send them to you. We, too, are going to have to invest in a good humidifier. At least for the Master suite. xxx Bev


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