Monday, March 07, 2011

I had to spend this evening putting some things away and winding bobbins for a lace project. Then I played a bit with some watercolor pencils a friend gave me for Christmas. So of course, now, at the very very last minute, in fact minutes AFTER my bedtime, I'm finishing off this bag.

I thought the edging (added yesterday) dressed it up more than just having the insert. There was just too much white dwarfing the color. Then I put in a blue ribbon drawstring. I was going to crochet a cord and then realized it would be too much pulling on it and would soon be out of shape. The insert has touches of blue in it and this was the closest match I had in my huge stash of ribbon.

It's big enough to hold a glasses case or maybe some scented soaps. It can just be a gift bag or ...something pretty to look at.

I think I'm going to stitch a tab button closure for the black one and I do plan to have the other two done before Friday. Well...I hope. Wednesday night is free. My daughter's birthday is Thursday. Maybe I'm thinking too ambitiously. And if I don't get my hiney to bed, NOTHING will get done!


  1. I have been following the progress of these little lave inserts and what you were doing with them the whole time, and I absolutely love the end result! I can't wait to see the black bag finished, but that white bag is stunning. I am a huge fan of bags, I make them for no reason, I have tons of them, all diff themes, I always think maybe I will go to a crafts fair and sell them, normally I give them as gift bags, lol, but I absolutely love yours. excellent job!

  2. It looks fabulous!! The edging completes it.

  3. Lovely job Gina! The edging compliments the insertion.

  4. I really like this Gina and the ribbon brings it all together so well.

  5. WOW! That is really pretty. I envy your dexterity with the sewing part as well.
    Fox : )

  6. Very classy looking! :)


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