Friday, March 25, 2011

It's been a loooooooooooooonnnnnnnggggggg week.

We're finally starting the interview process to replace all those people we lost to early retirement. Yessirreeee. Long Week. So I finished up some tatting I started last night. Is there any such thing as a blue magnolia? There is now.

The pattern is by Nancy Tracy from Look for Feb 08 on the linked page. I'm very impressed with Nancy. When she started her newsletter and committed to a free pattern every month, I didn't think she could keep it up. I've seen lots of people try and get burnt out. Nancy smolders now and then but she always manages to come up with something. Additionally, she has a favorite recipe every month too. She's been doing this for at least 6 years and I think she deserves a hand for everything she has done to promote tatting. I have to admit that I buy most of my tatting supplies at lace day events or in person at The Tatting Corner but when I have ordered from Nancy, it always goes well.

I think the threads I used are Altin Basak. That brilliant blue is such a pretty color but the dye doesn't penetrate completely through and as a thread gets pulled or rubbed, the white shows. Some AB threads have been known to do this. Most of my stash is OLD and I'm slowly working through them with samples and practice pieces. I do not plan to replace them with the same. The size 50 is not a standard size 50 either, another annoying factor. I do have some of the newer solids and they tat beautifully but only a few and really....I'm not going to restock.

I plan to sew this weekend. I've sketched out that pincushion I plan to use for one of the DMC insertion pieces probably a zillion times in my head and half a dozen times on paper. I think it's time to put this segment behind me!

I've also been working on a crochet bonnet and another bobbinlace bookmark.

And by the way....Indiana Lace Day

It's coming up soon - two weeks from Saturday, on April 9th. There's more information about Indiana Lace Day IN THIS POST.

I plan to have the work I've done so far about the DMC Tatting by Therese de Dillmont there to see and also the bobbinlace I've been learning.

The last time we had a Lace Day, I remember a bunch of us went over to the pizza place across the street for lunch. I was thinking, if maybe a bunch of tatters (or lacers of any kind) wanted to eat together, there is also a place about 3 blocks down, not far from Walmart, Hunter's Pub South, which has a big variety of sandwichs and meals where we could eat. Not everyone goes for pizza - just an option you might consider if you're coming.


  1. Since my favorite color is blue, I'm going to say that blue magnolias do exist, even if only in my imagination! I'm impressed by Nancy's ability to provide a new pattern every month, even though I haven't tatted very many of them. I am so looking forward to Lace Day! Hunter's Pub South sounds like a place I'd like to visit.

  2. Glad your looong week is done!

    LOVE that blue magnolia; I have the pattern on my desktop and will get to it eventually.

    I liked it immediately when I saw the newsletter. Looks great in that colour.
    Fox : )

  3. Nancy's magnolia patternis wonderful. I also made it. Your tatting is perfect.
    Have a good weekend,

  4. I too love blue!, and your blue magnolia is awesome!!! :)

  5. I love that magnolia. It was actually one of the first things I made, but it didn't turn out so well back then. Now that I'm a little more experienced, I should try it again . . .

    I'm jealous about Lace Day - that would be so fun. Last year Tat Days was pretty near me, but I had to deliver someone to college several states away. Maybe this year I'll get to go.

  6. Very pretty Gina magnolia! Have fun at Lace Day!!

  7. I'm all in favour of blue magnolias if they are as lovely as that! Your lace day is on my sons birthday! I will be eating cake...

  8. I recently started my own blog and after reading my friends blog I came across yours. I crochet but have never tried tatting. Is it easy to learn? Then I found your blog 'whata lucky find' and was excited for all your treasures. I have some favorite thrift stores I frequent also. I will read more of your blogs soon. Thanks for sharing.


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