Saturday, March 05, 2011

Prizes from OWOH

Heart Earrings from Lisa's Clay Happenings. Lisa designs and makes a wide range of jewelry. These are mother-of-pearl clay. Lovely!

This prize just arrived this week all the way from Israel. A lovely painting which will go with my decor very well, some hamsa charms, and an aromatic scented soap that I just keep sniffing since I set it in front of my computer! The gift came from Elsina of EMS Arts. She has a wide range of creative talents and I didn't know which to feature so go visit!

I also won these beautful potholders stitched by Anna at Sewing through the Muck. They are thick and gorgeous. She tells me I have to dirty them! They are to be used!

I was notified that I won another prize, a "surprise", but haven't received it yet. It's been 3 weeks since the ending of the event so I'm not going to count on it. It seemed like I received another too, but there's nothing in my emails or memory - Ha! So much mail coming and going lately that I absolutely don't want to leave anyone out but please let me know if I did.


  1. What nice winnings! Enjoy!

  2. lovely prizes Gina, I really like the earrings

  3. Glad you received it Gina, thanks for posting!


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