Saturday, March 19, 2011

Noticed any little glitches with Blogger lately? It might have something to do with the changes they've been making. If you haven't seen it already, check out their latest announcement. I have to admit that all these Internet resources change more rapidly than I have time to keep up with. I have a job and a home to take care. I really don't have hours to figure out facebook's latest change and then blogger and then Etsy and then Ebay and then my craft resource sites, etc. I appreciate the changes - they're usually an improvement once they get past the glitches, but there are only so many hours in the day!

That said, I've been off the past few days on vacation but my vacation was at home. More cleaning and sorting. I carted off 3 boxes to Goodwill last night and I have a bag of magazines to take to the library for their Freebie table and another bag of books to donate to my lace guild's table for the drawing on Lace Day. I have 3 boxes of books to take to Half-Price books so I can get even more books. (smile) I cleaned off my sewing table just a bit. See...I have to be in the mood to sew and the more clutter there is, the less likely I am to sew and I think that's why I haven't completed the insertion pincushions yet.

Still need to do my taxes. I cleaned off my kitchen table and set the folders and all RIGHT THERE so that I will sit down and do them. I made a batch of no bake chocolate oatmeal cookies instead, but I will do them soon.

In the course of sorting things out, I always find some tatting that feels imperative to do immediately. But every time I sat down to figure out which thread and prepare the shuttles, I got sidetracked. Finally, it was late enough I didn't want to begin something new so I just tatted off all the shuttles sitting on my table and in my bag. I'm not done with all of them as some have a project on them but I ended up with 36 empty shuttles! I just wound the thread of some onto floss holders and I did have about 10 that were already empty but it felt good to have that many ready to go. I also wound my lace bobbins to do another bobbin lace bookmark. Those are on my lace blog. I try to keep my non-tatting projects over there but some show here too.

These slippers, for instance. I knitted one for my sister's birthday since she likes to putz around in big warm slippers when at home. Only one because I wanted her to try it on before I made the second one. She did, they fit and she liked it so on I went to slipper two. I forgot that I needed to reverse the side where the button loop goes until I was done with the knitting so it looks like they are both for left feet but the foot part is the same. She was happy anyway. The pattern came from a 7 part mystery knitting project and is available free from The black I made them in hides the design features but the thing I really like about them is that there is no seam underneath the feet. I plan to make more, in pretty colors.

Today, I hope to get some tatting in. I found a doily or table mat which has a center that intrigues me even though I don't generally do doilies. There are about a zillion cut and ties though. I may put it off until tomorrow. Taxes and sewing are waiting.........


  1. Very interesting... I also have taxes and sewing awaiting me. The tax stuff is all together, has been for weeks, and I also need to do some organizing before I can sew. It's so much easier to sit in my chair and tat!

  2. I like your slippers! When I knit slippers for myself I make sure a use a yarn that is the same colour as my pets fur. That way you can clean the floors and keep warm at the same time!!

  3. While I was a child I watched my granny as she tatted. Of course as a child I was in too much of a hurry to learn because Granny would be there all my life. She passed away when I was a teenager and didn't get to learn the tatting way. I learned to tat years later when a friend showed me the simple tatting chain and I took it further to other items like baby caps. I can now just look at a tatted item and figure it out. Sadly my hands dont like me to tat and I cramp up. My mom gave me one of Granny's shuttles and I use it when I do get to tat.

  4. you sure have been busy!! the socks/slippers are great and look so comfy!!
    I always seem to have glitches with blogger but then it could be my computer...

  5. Tatfully yours...great idea. My sister has 3 dogs but I wasn't even thinking of that at the time.

  6. I love your slippers!
    gina I love make the cluny 'my blog' thanks you


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