Monday, April 11, 2011

Displays, WIP, and New Tools!

Here's the Ghostbuster Display tatted by Carol Amich. I think she posted it on her blog back when she made it but it's always an even better treat in person.

Here are her 3 bats hanging on their perch. She's shown these too but you really can't see the detail like you can in person. All those pink beads on the white one, for instance and all the black beads on the black one. And then there's the wondering how did she ever manage to tat the correct dimensions without a slide rule? Carol has an excellent eye for proportion and details. It would be nice if there was such a thing as a guaranteed safe RR journey like Fox's & Martha's books that are making the rounds. The books are not the only existing copies though and tatted displays like this are one of a kind, irreplaceable.

Both Diane and Carol showed quite a bit of the display table items. Some I've shown before during the exhibit last Fall, I think, so I stuck to what I remember as new to you. This is a display by Carolyn Regnier and shows mostly tatting, thread and wire, but there is a knitted corsage up in the corner too.

I really like this collection of tools. I think the page reference is to a book about antique needlework tools.

When I saw this shawl or blanket on Kelli's blog, I strongly hinted she should bring it and she did!

This really isn't a very good photo since you can't see the works in progress but there are at least 3 knitted projects here. Sheila Caplinger is making a beautiful knitted shawl and I don't know what the other two projects are, but they seem to be coming along just fine.

Remember I said I got a new blinged shuttle from Diane? It's the one on the left. The center shuttle is one of two commemorative shuttles offered for this event and the bobbin is also commemorating 30 years of Lafayette Lacers. The bobbin was done by John Aebi, whom I mentioned yesterday and the shuttle is a LaCossette shuttle from the UK. We had a choice of 2 designs. I ordered this one first and then changed my mind before the order went in but this is the one I got and I'm fine with that!

I thought you might like to see the finished name tag. I actually used fabric glue for these. I was a little nervous wondering if the glue would hold or would everything fall off the next morning but it did hold. I don't usually use glue with tatting but it was the best choice in this case.

I'll probably show what I bought in another post somewhere along the line but it's not like I got anything you'll drool over so I'm not promising tomorrow or anything.


  1. I meant to buy a rose shuttle, and I totally forgot! Oh, well. I guess I can admire yours! At least I remembered to buy a bobbin!

  2. Oh - what fun! I'm so jealous. Makes it hard to wait for Palmetto Tat Days!

  3. Anonymous11:17 AM

    Oh my goodness, looks like a bunch of fun! :-D

    That page reference for that case is from Pam Palmer's book on tatting shuttles (mostly English and European shuttles). I have that book along with Heidi Nakayama's Tatting Shuttles of American Collectors - both are awesome books to have if you collect tatting shuttles. That's cool that that person's piece made it into the book! :-)

  4. Thanks for showing my things and the compliments! Man, I didn't see those commemmorative shuttles, or I would have gotten one. Thanks for sharing that shawl, too, I wondered who did it. Being a beginner knitter, I loved it!

  5. That's a pretty snazzy old tatting collection - looks very '40's, like those dresser sets in sterling and ivory.
    Fox : )

  6. If you are interested, Carolyn was in the tatting workshop - and said there were shuttles and bobbins left to be sold.
    I cannot recall exactly how many of each she had.

    I was gobsmacked by the lace on exhibit - a beautiful display

  7. Gina, it sounds like you had a good time. Your lace enhanced name tag is a cute idea.

  8. What an interesting post it is good to see what happens when a lot of like minded people get together. That bat display is brilliant.


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