Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm back to tatting!

I downloaded a copy of the Finnish publication Fox mentioned on her blog. Diagrams are at the end. I had to highlight and enlarge it enough to see to see the numbers and this is my first sample. I meant to climb out of the first round with a split ring but I started in the wrong place so that meant I ended in the wrong place to use a split ring productively.

So then I made a second one in two colors and with beads. Ooooooh....sounds rich, doesn't it? But the thread that I tatted the rings with kept breaking on me which was frustrating on its own. Then I realized that though I started in the right place, I couldn't make a split ring with the two colors and beads. I refreshed my memory about the SSSR but I couldn't see that working with beads and I needed the other color to come out in the same place too. In the end, I didn't like it so you shan't see it. I know, I usually show all my mistakes but not this time. I have PLENTY of other eye candy for you! Later, I will show you another one in one color and beads so you can see how it looks and I'll even tell you where to make the split ring.

I wanted to wrap up the Lace Day posts by showing the goodies that went home with me.
I've mentioned before that I'm doing bobbin lace now. I still meet with my lace friend Sally on most Tuesdays and plug away at it. I post those on my lace blog which also includes embroidery and other forms of lace. I found this pricker at Debbie Beever's booth (Lace & Such). You put your own needle in, whatever size you want and if it breaks, you can replace it easily. My other pricker already has a nice curve in it from all my poking! (it's NOT supposed to curve!)

I bought one bobbin lace book, one of the less expensive ones, largely because it looked similar to the bookmarks I've been making so how hard can this be????? Ha! I say that because I've been struggling with the same bookmark for...oh...3 weeks now. But I'm almost there!

I love these old vintage magazines. I have some other years but these are both 1916. Both have some tatting in them too.

Now for the lovely gifties from others.

When you registered at the front of the church, you could also pick up a whimsical pin like this. Carolyn Regnier provided a huge variety to pick from plus there were little magnet hats as freebies. I think that's where you picked up a pre-ordered commemorative shuttle or bobbin or could buy some extra's if you didn't preorder and wanted one. At first I thought this was a bird, but I think it's really a kooky fish!

Way back last year I met up with Millie Moody at Starbucks. She was visiting relatives in Lafayette but she is from Northern Indiana. She told me she was planning to come to Lace Day but I was so surprised to receive this sweet card from her with a tatted leaf inside. Thank you Millie!

Many of you know I collect Tea-for-One's but I have stopped buying them except on rare occasions because I've run out of places to put them. I'm going to do something with my kitchen cabinets in the summer that I hope will give me more room to display them. Quite unexpectedly, I was gifted with this one from Charlotte Nottingham, another guild member. Thank you so much Charlotte for thinking of me! I love it!


  1. Goodness, so much to read today. I am way behind with my reading so I feel quite out of touch. I love the maple leaf.

  2. Hmmm.... I had some strange blunders and mishaps whilst tatting that pattern and the next one, which I will finally post tomorrow. Perhaps there is an evil spell in the... no ,never mind! It is just a coincidence I'm sure.

    I wonder who else is trying the patterns and what is happening to their shuttles...
    ; ))

  3. p.s. It is really pretty in one colour and that is a lovely shade.
    Fox : )

  4. Pretty neat motif! :)

  5. As usual, you don't skip a beat! After all that activity over the weekend (thanks for all the great photos and stories), you're jumping right in again with several projects. I'm amazed how you keep up with it all!

    Thanks for showing the front and back of the name tag - a very handy item! I love the way you added the tatted flowers - very cool! I do not feel guilty about using glue on my tatting when there's no other way to attach it.

    That's a very sweet teapot. I' also out of room to display things!


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