Sunday, April 24, 2011

Silk Dyed Eggs

I did manage to work up four eggs. I emptied their contents (breakfast this morning) and wrapped the dried eggshells in silk squares from ties. You put the right side up against the egg. I had a hard time getting them as smooth as I wanted. That's how you get the best transfer. Next time I might actually sew sections together so there isn't so much overlap.

I have to admit I have no clue why you then put them in another bag unless it's to keep the colors from bleeding onto one another. Or maybe it offers a bit more of a buffer as they bang into each other. I used an enameled wire cage to hold these down once they were in the pot of water. Then I had to add a few more heavy glass pieces to hold that down. Some grease or something caught fire underneath the burner and I had to deal with that. I asked my son today if he spilled anything out of the skillet when he was cooking yesterday and he said no. I'll take his word for it this time. (smile)

I made a quick trip into Goodwill last night, mostly looking for some kind of small colander that I could use, but I checked out the ties while I was there and got 3 more, plus I found these wonderful egg cups! This is one of a pair I bought. I don't typically use egg cups but these were the perfect find!

The bags have simmered the required amount of time and poured the water out and let them drain in the same blue basket that was holding them down. I could see a little color came through a few of the bags but not too strongly. I wonder if I had enough vinegar?

Finally I take them out of the bags and the silk coverings. Here's a closeup of the first view.

Aren't they pretty in the egg cups? Wouldn't that be a lovely, if somewhat time-consuming, way to serve eggs?

And the other two. I still want to run ribbon through the holes for hanging and add some beads and lace to each end too.

Blogger had some issues and I think I only lost the last line of this post which was....

Happy Easter!


  1. Oh, those are SOOOOO pretty.

  2. Happy Easter, Gina! Your eggs are beautiful!

  3. Those turned out so pretty! I was a little skeptical about it working, but now I'll have to do that next year. (:

  4. Ooh, what pretty eggs! I've never seen that technique for dyeing eggs before. Learn something new everyday. Looking back at the pictures, I don't which is prettier -- the eggs or the egg cups!

    Hope your Easter was great, Gina!

  5. That is a new way of decorating eggs for me. I've never heard of that way ever. I must say they all turned out just BEAUTIFUL!!! Something new is always just around the corner. Wonder who comes up with all these new ideas?
    Thanks for sharing with us.
    Hope you had a wonderful Easter.

  6. VERY pretty eggs! Really want to try this - thanks for walking us through! (Nothing like a little grease fire to get the day going! LOL!) Lovely egg cups - great find!

    The miniature baskets I showed go back to the 1990s. There were tons of them in the craft stores back then.

    I thought with Easter being the last weekend in April we'd have great weather - but many of us are experiencing unsettled weather - constant threat of storms and one day warm, next day cold! At least the sun peeked through for awhile yesterday (Easter) and no rain to speak of!

  7. I wanted to leave a comment but could not for the past 2 days. It just would not let me place the cursor on the comment box.

    Love your silk dyed eggs and the egg cups. You have such patience. All I want to do these days is tat. I bought eggs and vinegar and thought I would dye some hard boiled eggs with my leftover icing colours but Easter came and went and no eggs. But I have lots of tatting.

    Hope you had a great Eastetr!


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