Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I got home last night to find a surprise in my mailbox! I had nearly forgotten that I entered and won a giveaway offered by Aileen over at Wickedtats. She offered some goody bombs in this post! Her variation of the custom of offering a cellophane wrapped goody on the giver's birthday was a delight. I had a Russian friend/coworker who used to bring in desserts on her birthday as was the custom from her home country.

I tried to get everything in one shot but you might need to enlarge it to really see the separate items. I loved how they went together. There is a shuttle that was in a sweet little black bag, a sample of pink varigated thread size 20, a needle in a wooden needle case, an easy-bob, a cute blue plastic thimble, some gold beads, and a magnet featuring Singapore (Lion City).

So, I can wind the thread on the easy bob and part of it on the shuttle and then tat a cute little blossom to sew (with the needle) on the little black bag. The thimble might come in handy then too. The beads will get left out of that project but I'm sure I'll use them later and the magnet will go on my refridgerator. How cool is that?

Most of the items were in this little gift bag which I love. Thank you Aileen!

I did go shopping for silk ties on Saturday. It was 50% off the green tag so I only looked for green tagged ties. I found four of them that I liked well enough to buy at $1 each. These two are floral oriented.

And these two are paisley. Will I have time to do anything with them???? I really don't know. I'm trying to wrap up some outdoor projects in terms of arrangements which will occupy a good portion of my time this summer. I wonder if this would work on a wooden bead? That would save me the egg blowing/drying/prep time. Sigh....

I'm still tatting another foldover Konior triad bookmark but haven't scanned any of it so far. Tonight is bobbin lace night unless something changes so it's unlikely I'll get any further.

Gosh...it's Tuesday already!


  1. Always, always so beautiful........

  2. You will find a good idea!
    I know as always your work will be nice !

  3. I can't wait to see what you do with these ties!

  4. What nice gifts, and I love that gift bag! Looking forward to seeing your silk eggs.

  5. Lovely gifts I am sure you will enjoy playing with them.

  6. Cant wait to see what you create! Have a happy Easter! blessings,Kathleen


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