Sunday, May 29, 2011

All the ends hidden so far! I can tell I'm going to have to do this in segments for the simple fact that I get BORED! It's not like I'm going to have it done tomorrow. In fact, I'm figuring at least 6 weeks and maybe 2 months. It will be sleeveless weather by then, if we're lucky. Actually the temp is 86ºF right now and it rained like crazy so I'm sure it's thickly humid too. I haven't been out yet to test the water.

So, since boredom is making me procrastinate in so many ways, I'm going to assign only a few days a week for this project and move on with the overall 25 motif project. I like to show contemporary uses for the vintage patterns and I've been trying to stick to short easy-to-tat projects. I don't know what I was thinking of when I started this one!

I haven't even gotten through all the parts in this plate. I have two more, I think, and they are fairly simple if I remember right. I plan on doing the white version of #5 either tonight or tomorrow.

I've been procrastinating by jumping into other projects, bits and pieces here and there, as well as the sort & clean mission so there's a lot I haven't posted about yet.

I've mentioned Karen's beautiful work over at Contemporary Embroidery a few times. Bragged actually about the gorgegous pieces I bought from her. (blush) I sent her some tatting awhile back that I thought might be useful in her work. Cheeky of me, I suppose. Anyway, in appreciation she sent me two of her embroidered buttons. Aren't they sweet???? She's had some with pink in some recent giveaway posts and they are adorable. Her work is unique and elegant. I suppose it doesn't really fit in all that well in my home of random decorating but I really really love to look at it. It makes you want to touch it and fear touching it at the same time because it is mostly white and who wants to be responsible for inadvertantly soiling it?

You probably know what these are, don't you? If you've done any tatting on cabone rings, curtain rings, or plastic rings as they've been known as, you recognize them. These are tiny, only 1/2" diameter. I was looking for 3/8" ones but I suspect that's the inside diameter of these. They're the smallest I could find.

I started a major tatting project with them last night. But since I've already got two big projects in the works, I'm not going to show you any more of it. Besides, it might not work out. This is another one that will take several weeks. I was inpired by something crocheted. How's that for a hint?

I'm going to run in town now and see if anyone is available to cut my raggedy hair. Be sure to check in each day this coming week. There's a little giveaway coming.


  1. Grrr, Blogger is having issues with letting me stay signed in, so just delete this if it shows up twice.

    I've got several tricks that help me get through a long project. One is to always watch movies while working on it; this helps to stave off the boredom. I always hide the ends as I go, so it's not so daunting to do at the end. Also, I measure periodically so I can say, "I'm 1/4 done already! Wow, now I'm 1/3 done!" And always intersperse it with other projects so you don't come to hate tatting.


  2. Even if it takes two months, it sure will be worth it! It's so pretty! I love hand-made buttons. I've even thought of starting a collection, but I don't need any more collections. It looks like the storms have cleared out of here. I'm hoping for a sunny day tomorrow!

  3. Gina, it's such a pretty pattern! And you lucky ducky getting some of Karen's buttons! I love her work!
    You're such a tease! I wonder what you're tatting with all those rings......

  4. Oh yes, the boredom factor! Well, your ends are hidden and that is a good sign!

    My trick, aside from movies like Miranda, is to post my progress often. This might be boring to readers, but I enjoy seeing the photos on my blog and it encourages me to keep going...and going...and
    Fox : )

  5. I am eager to see your new projects, especially the contemporary uses of vintage patterns. I think Karen's work is beautiful. Your pink flowers are looking great too. Will be very pretty on your summer blouse.


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