Thursday, May 19, 2011

I have 11 motifs so far and very few ends hidden. I was staying at my daughter's last night to watch my great-grandson while they did something else. I planned to hide ends then but the needles I brought were not easy to use for this. So I tatted a few more motifs and called it a day. My grandson is fascinated with the tatting and took every shuttle out of my bag. This is the empty shuttle bag and the thread was size 40 so not something a little kid could use. He wanted to tat. First he wanted me to tat him something but I had no patterns or other thread with me. Then he wanted to tat. I made him a ring with the rest of what was on a shuttle but it was a tiny thread and he was extremely upset that he couldn't undo the ring. It was almost bedtime so you can imagine the tears that ensued. I promised him a bookmark for his story books when I come again.

I took a couple of days of vacation, partly because I just need the break and partly to get started on some domestic issues. An electrician was to show up at 11:00 a.m. to give me an estimate and didn't. Didn't call....nothing. I suspect he lost the paper with my address, name and phone number. Even so, I'm miffed. It seems like everything I've done in the past 24 hours has been "off" so I'm not making any major decisions until I feel more settled. My back has been hurting too and with Cameron sitting on my lap last night while I was on a very soft sofa, it just seemed to make it worse. So I'm taking it easy today. Sort of. I just put in a second load of laundry and I would so love to mop the kitchen floor. I sat on the floor quite a bit yesterday while sorting out magazines and I think that contributed to the pain. I'm trying to get all the storage units out of the living room so I'll have room to do yoga which I've found helps my back tremendously.

Overall, I haven't been making as much lace, preferring to make open space instead. My son is gone camping which helps as far as me getting things done without having to work around him. Now, if I just felt better, I could get so much done!

Geesh, sounds like a whiny post but really, I'm doing well...just remembering to take it easy and enjoy the time off.


  1. Looks like you are making progress! :)
    One of Jane Eborall's cute animal bookmarks would be a neat idea for your grandson-just a thought. :)

  2. Hi Gina, Hope your back feels better and you can get all you planned done. Your grandson sounds determined to learn.

  3. Just dropping in to say Hello after my own blogging respite, and I hope your back gets better soon. I always love looking at your tatting and I'm amazed that you can make all those gorgeous lace designs!


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