Saturday, May 14, 2011

Here's the Plate 1, figure 4 motif in progress. I like this blouse but the sleeves are too long for my short arms so I'm going to cut them off to around elbow length. I thought these little flowers would soften the stripes. I have both the burgundy and green threads to match the other stripes but I'm not sure which I'll use for the header on the insert-turned-edging yet. You can see how small these are tatted in Flora size 50.

I've ended up filling one shuttle and then I only wind the second shuttle about 12 times, just enough to complete the split ring and provide the core thread for the outside chain. After I complete the motif, I cut and tie and then reload the second shuttle for the next motif. It goes really fast. In fact, I made another since I took the photo of this. It will take me as long to sew in the ends! I will probably hide the current ends before I go further so that I won't have so much to hide at the end. I'm estimating 18-20 motifs for each sleeve.

Remember that I cleaned off the storage units so the cats could look out the window? Well, they've also found the perfect spot to annoy me. Chewie does this every evening when I get home and get on the computer. I wouldn't mind the paw but those little claws really irritate me. My son even clipped them recently but he must have missed a few. My son's cat will get up there and sniff my hair. Then she'll put her paw on me or more often than not, in my hair. She keeps the claws in though. If I turn and look at her, she starts rolling all around, hoping I'll play.

Lace guild this morning and my granddaughter's music performance tonight. Full day!


  1. Chewie's got great attitude!

    Those motifs are SMALL! But they will look very good around the sleeves, especially in this colour, as they really blend in.
    Fox : )

  2. Sounds like a fun day for you! I love the pink edging - what a great idea for those of us with short arms. My sleeves are always too long too.

    Your cat is humorous. My favorite cat that I had was a tortoise shell, and I've already decided that once my dogs are gone, I'll get another tortie. Hubby gave me a look when I said a tortie would match my brindle boxer . . .

  3. I bet that blouse will look absolutely fabulous! :)

  4. Heh. Chewie obviously adores you.

    Your tatting will look lovely on that blouse!

  5. The flowers are so pretty! That progress will be fun.

    Those cats are so cute. They love to tease. Mine stretches out for me to rub her tummy and when I do, she bites and kicks me.


  6. That looks like a perfect colour match! It'll be very pretty, Gina.

  7. I have short arms too and find most sleeves too long. That's SUCH a good match in colour and an excellent idea for the blouse. As for the cats - well, that's cat's for you!!!!! Ours is the same!!!

  8. What a wonderful idea!

  9. you must show us when you have finished the shirt. The flowers will make a beautiful edge.


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