Monday, May 23, 2011

Done, done and done!

My son got home Saturday night so before he left on Sunday to meet up with friends, he moved some heavy stuff so I could get to the last few storage bins in the basement. I got through all those yesterday, boxed up several containers for Goodwill, and am ready to tackle what is upstairs a second time before it's all put away. I have 3 or 4 more empty storage units now and hope to increase that by a few more. Unfortunately, I had to come back to work today so I hope the "roll" picks back up when I'm off again!

I got the kitty cat done and also a snail. I decided to do the snail instead of a bunny since I hadn't done it before. The grass trail behind the snail is tricky and I didn't really have colors handy when I got to that part so I just did a few tufts and then switched to split rings and a tassel to end it off. The snail is a Lizbeth thread but I forget the name of the color. to a work appointment!


  1. If you're on a roll, would you like to come and go through my stuff? ; )

  2. Those both look great! :)

  3. and mine too please? I have a craft room and a "cough" storage room, that are both in a shambles.... right now they both look like good will threw up in them. that is to say, stufffffff everyyyyyy wherrrrreeeeeeeee,

    glad someone is getting stuff organized though :D

  4. I really hope your ''roll'' continued. I hate to be making great progress and then have to seems hard to get back into it again. Fingers crossed for you!! and have a lovely weekend too!!

  5. I tried to leave a comment yesterday but it was not possible. Just wanted to let you know that your spring cleaning has reminded me to do some of my own. Thank you.

    I finally stored some of my beading and stained glass materials so that I can start patchwork and quilting. It does feel good to have a neater area. Not totally organized but at least I have some room to work.


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