Monday, May 30, 2011

Hanky Giveaway Days!

The winner is #11, Am I still Me? from Diary of a Mom Gone Mad. Congrats & please send me your mailing information!

(p.s. - I probably should have mentioned I'll draw each day's winner right before I go to bed which is usually around 11:00 p.m. DST Eastern)

The Hanky Fairy aka Garden Gnome suggested I give away some of those printed hankies to people who will actually do something with them so I decided this week I would give away a hanky a day. I have six hankies so there will be a new giveaway for six days.

The odd thing is, most of these hankies have scalloped edges and I don't know how that impacts adding a tatted edging. I suspect it will be more of a challenge.

So here's how it works: I will post a new hanky each day and if you are interested, just leave a comment. You can comment on any hanky you're interested in and overseas commenters are welcome. These are pretty easy to mail. I'll use the random number generator to pick a number though I won't be bothering with screen snapshots of the result. It just takes more time than I'm willing to put into it. Make sure I have a way to contact you. I'll update the previous day's entry with the winner's name. I will probably wait until the end and send them all out at once.

All the hankies are freshly laundered, lightly starched and pressed. They are different sizes but I forgot to measure them before I packaged them. Yep, they are packaged and ready to go! Two are embroidered rather than printed on and one is neither printed nor embroidered and is smaller than the others.

This is the first one! The design is the same in all four corners. It's a average size hanky, not small. I can't believe how much nicer they all look washed and ironed!

Good Luck!


  1. I was at my tatting group last week and my friend Linda say was given one of your hanky's! I would love a chance to have one too!! Thank you.

  2. Because I really, really, really need another hanky, please enter me in your fabulous drawing! The scalloped edge looks like it would be fun to work with, or maybe challenging would be a better word. ; )

  3. Very pretty! The roses in the corners are really eye-catching.

  4. Purty. I didn't comment on Diane's hanky bonanza because I thought I wouldn't ever get around to edging one so shouldn't hog them. But the challenge of fitting an edging to a scalloped edge is really grabbing me, so please count me in! (at jilofalltrades87 AT gmail DOT com)

  5. This is very pretty! Great give-away Gina! Thank you.

    I have one with these scallops and am curious about how I would tat them... There are a few patterns out there showing this type of border, but I have never attempted one.
    Fox : )

  6. Love it! It is such a beautiful hanky!

  7. I just reveived a beautiful hanky from Diane, so I am not entering your drawing, to give others a change to win some hankies, but that is beautiful. I love love hankies. Good luck to everyone, I can't wait to see who wins :D

  8. So pretty thing :)
    Please, count me in )

  9. ...very pretty indeed!

  10. This reminds me of the late 50's-early 60's and some of my kinfolk who have now passed on. Would be a nice remembrance of them.

  11. count me in! Love the flowers.

  12. Dear Hanky Fairy,
    Oh how I would love to have a gift from you.
    Big smiles.

  13. As I too would like to figure out how to tat around a scalloped-edge hanky, please enter me in your drawing.

    Thanks for sharing!

  14. I love handkerchiefs! Do we have to tat?

  15. Gina, that is very generous of you. I just saw an edging pattern for a scallop hanky from Kirstine and Inga Nikolajsen's Tatted Handkerchiefs book and thought to myself, where could I get a scallop hanky. Hopefully I can win one of yours. Thank you for the chance.


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