Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My lace quild met Saturday and the program was LaRae Mikulecky's Celtic Bookmark. I'm not sure where Dagmar found it since it's not easily found online anymore. Links are after the photos.

This brought back early tatting memories. I was mesmerized by LaRae's bookmark and had to tat it. I wish I could find that sample so you could see (or I could) how much my tatting has improved! I had so little thread back then and tatted it in size 5 perle cotton. I don't even know where I got that thread since it is not something I normally buy, ever, but I do remember it was big and in two shades of green.

This is tatted in size 20 thread and to be honest,I'm not sure it's all that much better. As I was blocking it, I noticed I missed a ring in the joining (3rd) round and that's what made the one end a bit wonky. I couldn't believe I didn't see it until I blocked it!

I don't really know which side is the "front" side but this is the side I like best - perhaps depending on how the colors are added. I still think it's too thick to be a bookmark but the design is unique (and I also learned that it's an adaptation to Rosemarie Peel's celtic motif in another publication!) and would make a beautiful cuff or choker or decorative band. (A galoon!) Looks like one of my chains got mooshed while in the scanner this morning. See what happens when you try to hurry?

You can find LaRae Mikulecky's original pattern here at this tiny url: http://replay.web.archive.org/20001023121346/http://www.picotnet.com/Patterns/celtic/celtic_bookmark.htm

I didn't realize that Lenore English had done an adaptation of LaRae's design too which you can find at this tiny url: http://replay.web.archive.org/20090829095257/http://geocities.com/tatt3r/celtbkmk_1.html

Update: I thought I was being helpful by using the tiny url but apparently not so I've put in the original wayback machine links, which are long, but should be easier to access.

These are links to the patterns at the wayback machine so you might want to copy and paste the patterns to a word doc and save it to your own computer.

This isn't true celtic design in the sense that celtic is one continuous line that interweaves within itself. There used to be a lot of discussion about that distinction so I thought I'd mention it before someone else does.

The base of this pattern is all split rings so if you want to perfect your split ring technique,this is a good one for that!


  1. thx for sharing these links

    such an interesting project

  2. This post was kind of deja vu for me because I went down the same path in my post of March 11, 2009, and provided the links to Lenore's and LaRae's bookmarks. But several months ago I discovered the links were broken!

    I am delighted that you provided 'new' links, but on my laptop the seond one (Lenore's) doesn't work I did a search and found what appears to be a link but the site shows only a photo of the completed bookmark (which IS good) plus some text, but not the photos of the separate sections nor the complete pattern! Here is that link, in case others have the same problem, and they can at least see the photo.

    These may not be 'true' Celtic designs, but I love the 'illusion' that they create! Such clever tatters!
    I agree that LaRae's bookmark is a little thick, but I have mine in a frame! I haven't even attempted Lenore's bookmark (she admits it's a little tricky), but the individual motif - adapted from Rosemarie Peel - is easy! I recently changed my pin to a pendant.

    I plan to edit my blogpost to show the new links, but I want to make sure the recent 'blogger' issues are resolved!

  3. I just tatted Tatknot's Blooming Trellis. I made a mess of it..... Your Celtic Bookmark looks great. Going to check out the links. Thanks!!


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