Sunday, October 23, 2011

#19 in 25 Motif Challenge

Plate V, Figure 26
Finally, here's #19 in the challenge which is based on the vintage publication D.M.C. Tatting by Thse. Dillmont which you can download FREE HERE.

This is the center part which is all rings. They instruct you to go back and forth with "turn" and they do say to when to use short picots and when to use long ones but give no measurement so I was guesstimating. As you can see in the next segment, I think I could tighten it up a bit, slightly smaller picots, and it will look better.

Oops! Didn't realize I got my font smaller on this diagram but if you click on the photo, I think they show up bigger. This part takes 2 shuttles and the directions were confusing because they would refer to left hand shuttle, right hand ring, 2 shuttles, etc. Basically they were throwing Josephine rings off of chains. At one time, I thought I'd began again wrong and went back and frogged and Josephine ring OKAY....only to find out I didn't need to! I think the directions are off one stitch coming down one side but I corrected it in the diagram.

I do think slightly smaller joining picots and bare space threads would have been helpful although it did turn out better than I though it would for the first draft. A smaller thread tends to tat a bit nicer too. You can see where the tails come out which is also the beginning, that I forgot to join the picots together there because I didn't catch it in the original pic or read to the very end where it tells you to join.

Again, I don't know how to net so won't be doing that part. This would make a nice cross, or pendant, or one of a series of motifs in a small piece.

What will you do with it?


  1. Very pretty cross! It would make a nice pendant. I'd be tempted to try and put a filet crochet border around it, but that would take too much thinking right now. : )

  2. Wow, that's a sweet motif. I can net but can't do that tatting!!! Super sleuthing on this one.

  3. It's beautiful! Very nice job of figuring it out from the vintage pattern and photo, that takes brain-work! I can picture it on one of those satin eggs for Easter. Or, would make a very elegant pendant with some beads added.

  4. Well, it's not a snowflake but I might hang it on the tree with other snowflakes. I like it.

  5. This is such a pretty cross, even without the impressive netting. (It WOULD be interesting to see if filet crochet would work.) As Marilee suggests, it could easily go on the satin eggs -or satin balls.

    With Blogger's new photo viewing system, when you're in the 'thumbnail' (black) screen, you can click on the tiny white url to the left of the selected photo, which brings up the former photo method, where you click THAT photo to enlarge it. Your numbers look fine there. Thanks for putting them in! I don't know how to do that yet!

  6. It gives me a headache! Congrats to you for figuring it out!
    Fox : )

  7. Thanks Kathy! I forgot they had that new photo viewing system. That is encouraging.

  8. Hi Gina, You found a really pretty motif here. With your instructions, I think I am willing to try this. Thank you.

    However I do think the netted border makes this design even prettier.

    I have been trying to figure out how to enlarge photos to view in the new Blogger viewing window. Thanks Kathy.

  9. hmm, I have been looking for a unique earring pattern, I think this may be it.
    thanks for the diagrams.

  10. It looks quite hard to make this motif.
    Very pretty. I think it would be great to decorate a dress ( a shirt for example, you can even use it as button hole XD).

  11. This is a wonderful motif, Gina, and I think it would be a beautiful necklace with some gems on the cross. You are amazing figuring these out!

  12. You do such an awesome job on those older patterns! I really like all the things you have done and this one as a cross seems great! :)


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