Friday, October 07, 2011

No new tatting but I did finish stitching this down on the pillowcase. I do think I'll make a hen & chick edging for the edge. In fact, since that is such an easy on-the-go project, it will be perfect for my frequent comings and goings right now. It will probably use up this particular ball of Lizbeth thread too. I hope I don't need more as it won't match, I'm sure.

I now have a section of electric overhead lines underground now. They eliminated the overhead wires in a heavily wooded section leading to the house. Unlike overseas, you have to request and pay for underground relocation of overhead electric wires here. The final inspection revealed I need to upgrade the electric panel in the house. It's something I've wanted to do anyway for a long time, but the timing sucks. I don't have a choice as to when. It must be done by the 20th now. So I'll be scrambling this next week to get that arranged.

Last night I repaired a tie for my son. It was one I bought him for Christmas for way too much money for the little bit of fabric involved.....and now a loose thread that ran up and down the whole thing? This is the kind of annoyance I've always had with ready-made clothing. Buttons and zippers and hems always seem to need repairs in a very short time. When I put on a button - it's NOT coming off. Hems don't pull out and I avoid clothing with zipper. You could say this 60+ body finds elasticized clothing easier to wear but more than anything, I hate replacing a broken zipper. Give me elastic, pretty ties or hidden pockets anyday!

Sigh....I just filled a shuttle with that thread. Fortunately, it was just full as about 8" out there was a knot. I can cut it at the knot and not be concerned. 'Nuff said!


  1. Anonymous11:24 AM

    Hi Gina, The pillowslip is lovely. I hate it when they do that, tie a knot in the middle of the ball. What a coincidence, I just fixed a button on my dress and cleared one third of the wardrobe for goodwill.

  2. ..the pillowcase is looking beautiful and I Like, actually I LOVE elastic!!!!

  3. Okay, Gina. I am inspired. I have become bored with all the little projects and have been at a loss as to what to tat next.

    I like the idea of the borders on the pillowcases and I could do two different colours on two white covers, thus using up more of that ... L-word thread!

    May all your knots come at the wind's end!
    Fox : ))

  4. I so agree over clothing - lotsa loverly 'lastic for me too!!! America always amuses me with the overhead electric lines - most of ours go underground. It's strange that you seem to get all the snags with Lizbeth - perhaps you've got gremlins in your house? I've rarely found any slubs or knots in mine.
    Love that piece on the pillowcase - makes it look finished.

  5. Whether or not you complete a H&C edging for this pillow case, the tatted trim you applied is perfection!

  6. I do admire your energy level! The pillowcase looks great as is, but Hens and Chicks will indeed look wonderful on the edge! But that still will be a lot of tatting! Knowing you, you'll have it done by next week! Knots in the thread IS annoying. Glad you finished winding the shuttle!

    I agree about ready-made clothing, especially buttons! They're advertising a zipper repair kit on tv that looks impressive. I'd like it for purse repairs and some jackets.

    Blogger FINALLY has admitted to the comment problem under its Known Issues blog, and it seems to mostly affect those of us who have IE8 (me) or IE9. It's such a relief to know they're 'working on it'! I believe most comments are getting through to your blog because of no verification. Hope this one goes through again! (I had to post it twice)

  7. I love the pillowcase! I agree about ready-made... give me elastic!

  8. Your pillowcase is lovely. I cant wait to see it with the addition of the h&c edging.

  9. I love your pillowcase, beautiful piece of tatting and matchs so well with the pillowcase.
    Jane has already told you most of our lines go underground, We are having quite a public uproar in this part of the country (West Country) they want to put electric pillions across some beautiful valleys from the new nuclear power station to Avonmouth and the locals want it underground. So far there have been many protests about it, They say it will cost too much to put it underground. Hopefully they wont put them up and spoil a beautiful piece of countryside, the nuclear plant is not even built yet and wont be for some years and is still in the planning stages but its got everyone up in arms already.

  10. Lovely pillow case.

    Most power lines in Australia are overhead but the ones to our house are underground. It is something decided by the authorities and we have not say in the matter.

    There is much controversy about the issue around bush fires. The answer always seems to be an economic (short term) one though.

  11. I really like that on the pillowcase! It looks great! :)


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