Monday, October 24, 2011

Finca Green 4565 size 16
Finca Peach 7646 size 16
Metallic MLI #601 50 from Japan
Pattern: Nami's Goldfish

You can also go to Nami's blog and download the link from there.

I will make a few changes the next time I make it. I will add the bead to my shuttle thread as that is my preference for adding beads. I will also go back and forth using split chains rather than cut and ties but this thread behaved so beautifully that it wasn't really a bother......too much. LOL! I like my fish to be sparkly and shimmery so I'm showing you the two views again, although this time they both show the thread.

The scan

The photo

The metallic thread was a dream to work with - no unraveling, snagging, fraying or breaking which is highly unusual. I can't remember where I got it but I believe it was from Rita Chochrane in Canada once upon a time. I think you can order it online too. Here is one resource but check around.


  1. I love your fish! I'm tempted to make it in blues and purples to show the kids when I read Rainbow Fish books to them. Now, to look for some sparkly thread!

  2. That's a pretty fishy. The thread looks like the Turkish one I had once upon a tat. I didn't get on with it as the filament kept breaking. Ah, so if this didn't break then it can't be the same thread - OR I'm just clumsy!!!!

  3. I love your fish, and the thread looks lovely, it does look a bit like Turkish.
    Thank you for sharing the link

  4. I have put this on my 'to tat list'. Such a lovely fish and sparkly too.

  5. Hope you didn't 'flounder' when you tatted this! Looks as if you had a whale of a time! it is adorable!
    Fox : ))

  6. This is an adorable fish, and Nami provides a great drawing! (It could be a coloring book page!) Of course, you did a wonderful job tatting it! Where DO you find the time?

    I'm assuming the metallic thread is a filament, used with the Finca threads? I haven't tried using a filament thread in tatting! The effect is excellent!

    Another tip about the Blogger photos: If there is only one photo in the post, the url seems to 'disappear' (at least on my netbook). But it's really 'off screen' near the bottom. I have to reduce the size of my screen, and it then comes into view.

  7. An update to viewing posted photos: Just this afternoon (Oct. 24) they seem to have changed the tiny print 'url' address on the black screen to the actual words "Show original". I guess they finally realized no one knew what the little string of writing meant!!

  8. Thank you Kathy!!!!!!!

  9. Love the fish Gina, I never used Finca thread. Thanks for finding such neat patterns online. Another must try for me one of these days.

  10. I like your fish very much. It looks really nice with metallic thread. I must find out if I can buy that thread, because I haven't found good metallic thread in other colours than black, silver and gold in Poland yet.

  11. it's amazing the things you can tat!

  12. Very cool fish. I've never worked with metallic thread before, it seems like it would be paindful to deal with.


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