Saturday, March 26, 2005


I don't know what happened to my titles but they are not showing up. (they weren't when I originally wrote that!)

And I clicked on all my links there to the side and found a few were dead. But worse than that, several have not been updated since mid 2004. I'll be culling those out pretty soon and adding some live ones. They won't be about tatting, unfortunately. Only 3-4 of those in the list are about tatting and working, so they will stay, but the rest will be composed of other crafts.

We've been having an ongoing seasonal tat-embellished quilt block exchange on Tatting Goddess Updates. I wasn't going to participate because I have a quilt in the works that is long, long overdue to be worked on. Do that first, I tell myself. Um-huh. Well, I caved....and had way too much fun. LOL! The just ended exchange was for the winter season. My exchange partner was Gail Owens and her block is on the left; mine to her is on the right.

I managed to come up with a "luggage tag" for the
Lacemaker's Census. Click on census at the top of that page.

I was going to tat something special for it, but time crunched and I dug out something I already had. The motif is Hearts & Flowers from Lyn Morton's Tatting Patterns.

Went to tatting guild in Greenfield, Indiana this morning. Kaye showed us how to tat around a found object, a technique she learned from a class with Karey Solomon. I made a mistake on mine....was going to start another but was almost out of time, and....truth be told, I wasn't feeling all that great either. Decided to try it again later. So...maybe I'll have a sample to show before the weekend is over.

If I have time and the inclination, I need to work on our Lace Jeopardy board for Lace Day. I think I'll line up the questions tonight. Now what kind of questions will stump lacers???? evil evil grin



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