Monday, March 21, 2005

Spring has Sprung!

Spring has Sprung!

but it's not too noticeable around here. The sun is shining and I saw a few crocuses poking up from the leaves, but they've been doing that for 2 weeks now - as if stopped in time. I think it will warm up soon though.

I did start an entry here last week and then got sidetracked. Now where was I?

Oh, after I posted 2 partial blocks of my son's quilt in progress, the Twisted Log Cabin, I received 2 pics from Estefania, showing her own quilts. This first one is her rendition of the Twisted Log Cabin. Mine will have the logs swirling into one another in graduated colors with a black background. There are a few different ways I can place them and I now forget exactly what I had in mind - but I'll just lay them out and try it again. Then her second quilt is a more traditional log cabin pattern with a dogwood flower in the middle. Estefania does beautiful work!

These next scans are part of my lessons that I'm presenting at Palmettos in June.

I'm glad I got to use the peach colored thread. Since then, I've knocked over my glass of iced tea twice and got that ball of thread both times. The first time I quickly dunked it in running water to rinse it out and then set it, ball intact, over a register to dry. It looked okay....but the second time, I didn't get to the water. I haven't decided what to do with it yet. It just looks a little drab compared to how it looked brand new.

I sent off my quilt block to Gail at noon today. I'll have to wait to show it, but I can tease your imagination a bit in the meantime. I used a block from Bonnet Girls by Helen R. Scott. I originally bought this book after I joined several online quilting groups in an effort to find a pattern for a quilt I saw in St. Vincent DePaul's once. The appliqued blocks featured women in costumes from the 1800's. I remembered the ruffled pantaloons and some umbrellas. I never found the exact pattern series, but my search led me to this book which had a similar theme. I see she has another book now, Ladies Day Out with the same Bonnet Girls. I had so much fun with this block - I may have to get the new book too. They are MUCH cheaper than when I bought my copy.

So now I'm busy tatting a motif for one project and I'm getting ready to tat something for my partner in a different exchange, one hosted by Gail Colbourne.

psst......(I also have to clean up the mess I have on the living room floor while making Gail's block. My son asked me if I was making "a blanket or something.")


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