Monday, March 07, 2005

Signs of Spring

So I'm sitting in my chair, knitting, noticing the cat is sitting in the window ledge behind me, quietly, attentively. Suddenly I hear birds, hundreds of them, swooping through the woods behind me, chirping loudly as they rustle in and out of the trees. This is a brief stopping point. They land, fly en masse to another section, land, and take off again after a few minutes. In the meantime, I notice some other movement in the mottled leaf strewn floor of the hill as it slides down away from where I sit. A deer, right outside the window....a young one, nibbling on the green undergrowth...and there's another....and another. And then I see more down the hill, 5 of them....I count 8 altogether. My son arrives home from work about 15 minutes later and as they hear the noise, they start to gather and move towards the woods. Jesse gets in just in time to see the flurry of white tails off into the distance....a whole herd, it seems.

I love it here

taken from the window with zoom

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  1. Darling lil' baby deer!! And a Very Inspirational blog to match a magical 'kodak moment'.



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