Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Details for our Lace Day May 7

Well, we're making progress. Here are the details for Lafayette Lacers Lace Day:
Lafayette Lacers Lace Day Invite
Lunch can be pre-ordered or there are several new establishments in the area too.
Lunch order form
And here are some directions to get there!
Directions to Lace Day

So if you're in Indiana or surrounding states, feel free to come and have fun with us!

I'll be working on the Lace Jeopardy Board this weekend. I'm really looking forward to this part! Need to take my shuttle shelf in to get a glass cover for it this week too. Maybe tomorrow if I take it down tonight.

I spent some time outside raking the leftover leaves and twigs the last two evenings. Not much tonight as my legs are a bit sore, but I wanted to be outside enjoying the weather instead of having to walk someplace like I do all day.

I won some more metal knitting needles for lace on ebay a while back. I bid on them because I wanted the wooden tube they came in. Can't help it.....I love wooden containers. Out of the deal, I also got some plastic knitting needles that I don't really want, and one large wooden knitting needle.

Okay, shuttle box is down and ready to go.....I'm finishing up another project....and then I can tatty-tat-tat.


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