Friday, July 15, 2005

Blogger has changed the way images are uploaded. I have less control but my options are more automatic.

Sue Hanson has been keeping us updated with her latest student's progress. How many techniques can you identify in this motif?

Lotsa news. If you are a member of I.O.L.I., membership renewal is due by September 1, 2005. This time they are sending the initial reminder by email. If you are a renewing or new member, go to the I.O.L.I. website and print out the membership form.

Georgia Seitz says Joy is conducting a beginners class for the summer online class schedule. You can email Joy at joyathome at, change "at" to @ or contact Georgia about joining the online class for the fall startup. There's tons of good instructional material at the website.

Here's a challenge for you. A friend sent a scan of the directions for a project she is working on. The directions are in Spanish and to make the part she has circled, the instructions are: a ring with 1-1-1-1-1 and when uniting the four picots, it forms the "Drop", So...what exactly does this mean? Somehow the gathering of the 4 picots together forms a pointed ring, which she calls a "drop point". I'm not clear just when the 4 p are joined together and to what.

Well, I better hurry and publish while the pics are still here. Last night, there must have been a glitch with Blogger because the link was broken at first and then when I tried to reload them....they wouldn't. Nada.


  1. Memé4:44 PM

    If you want I can help you with the spanish. My mother tongue is spanish.

  2. Anonymous4:35 PM

    This is really cool. You can see how it's done in the next ring in the circle. Looks to me like you just make a join into all 4 picots as you're working the chain.

    I wonder what they did in the middle motif. It looks really nice too!



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