Friday, July 29, 2005

Today was perfect! The weather was perfect, the people pleasant, the scenery delightful, the drive was gorgeous....everything was perfect!

I went to Indiana Dunes today. I took my backpack and some travel watercolor paints and my camera ....I found this spot about a mile down the beach from the swimmers and sat amongst the tufts of grass as I ate my fruit bowl from Wendy's.

Yep, savoring the moment!

It's not that the painting is anything great - it's the process of doing it. I was totally lost in it for about an hour.

My painting doesn't look anything like it, does it? LOL! (added later...this is the actual lakeshore - not my painting. Sorry for the confusion.)

I think I could have kept at it for a few more hours but I noticed my legs and arms were getting a bit pink so I packed up and went up to the bathhouse.

Here I looked out the window, which seemed very lacelike and captured a colorful sailboat off in the distance.

It was a great day!


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