Sunday, July 17, 2005

Busy as a bee!

I haven't accomplished near what I had hoped to, but there is always tomorrow!

I met a friend early Saturday morning and then hit a few garage sales before I came home. In one, I picked up this filet crocheted yoke. It needs some repair work at one of the front scallops but it's a beautiful example of this work. I asked the seller if they knew the maker but it turned out it was something she got at an Ohio. My plan was to donate it to my lace group as part of our collection, but I'd really like to have some history to go with it. Oh well....

There was also this hanky with the very nicely executed pineapple butterfly. Both pieces need to be soaked in a cleaner. I'm pretty sure the stain on the butterfly wing will come out.

My middle son wanted to have us all over for a cookout in honor of his birthday. Here he is with a friend who is showing her wedding photos. I didn't notice the cat until I resized the picture. That's Dillon....who was very onery while I was teaching my granddaughter to knit, playing with the needles and yarn!

And here is Bailey who helped me find my way from the apartment to the grill gang outside.

While the Grill Gang looks unprepared for photo me, this was the only way to avoid scary faces and obscene gestures. Don't know what it is about boys......

There were other apartment dwellers cooking out too!

I was going to check my fair entries last night but a downpour started just as I dropped my granddaughter off. Not that the rain helped the heat today. It was pretty thick still this evening. I was disappointed at the lack of entries overall. One of my lace group members, Cathy Kozlowski, also the I.O.L.I. librarian, for those who are I.O.L.I. members, won SWEEPSTAKES!!!!!! Congratulations Cathy! Another friend, Tami, won Reserve with her tatted celtic doily. Another lace member's crocheted booties deserved better than they got, IMO.

For my own entries....I just had to smile. The two bookmarks from the T.A.T. program got 2nd places. LOL! And 2 other tatted items got 1sts. It really should have been reversed. I don't know what that judge was thinking of. I know when my tatting is not up to par, and it definitely wasn't for the ones that got a blue. The ones that got a red, were much better. But I haven't seen the comments. My filet crocheted placement got a first too.

I looked for a friend's photography entry but it wasn't to be seen. Guess he didn't enter. Then I popped over to the building for mini-4H and found my grandson's 2 projects, one on crystals and one of a volcano.

Then I stopped at the grocery store and came home. I'll be gone a few days next week, inspecting farms in southern IN. I have a couple of tatting projects to take with me. The hatband, of course, and I'm playing with filet tatting too...and the shuttle bag pattern from Palmettos.

I figured out today how to better arrange this to find the time to do it.


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