Tuesday, July 05, 2005

There has been some ongoing conversation lately about Mr. Monkey and his antics at Palmettos.
Mr. Monkey is a crocheted sock monkey I included in Riet's Christmas Goodie Bag last season. She treated him to a trip overseas with her and he apparently got into trouble everywhere he went. LOL!

This reminds me how gratifying it was to see my work or a connection to my work so many times at Palmettos. Not only did Riet have the bag and monkey I made for her, Mary Donohue had the bag I made for her, and Jane Eborall had the denim bag she made embellished with all the buttons I sent her in our button exchange. And I had others' work with me. I had the bag Mary made me. I had the Froggie needlebook Gail made me. I had the shuttle Sue Hanson gave me as part of her exchange. I had the shuttle and butterfly from the exchange I had with Sherry Townsend. Many things I never had a chance to get out and show even.

Today it was back to work after a long weekend! It was a short day!

I had to run to the post office during lunch so I didn't get to tat. I haven't had time since I got home but I'd like to at least do one rosette before I go to bed. Got my July Anna today. No tatting, but many other projects worth looking into. Also go the I.O.L.I. bulletin. I also managed to pick up several 1990 and 1991 McCall's Needlework and Crafts magazines at a 2nd hand store today. I think they are the only ones I didn't have. A friend also sent me a magazine loaded with tatting patterns that I'll go through more tomorrow. Tonight was a quick skimming through. Already I am yawning so I don't think I'll get to the tatting tonight.

And you folks think I get so much tatting done!



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