Monday, July 04, 2005

I can't stand that mess at the top so if Blogger doesn't answer me by tomorrow, I'll go with a new template - which means I have to redo all my links and extras. Yuck!

Today I went to Delphi and looked at the museum - it was a Canal Days Festival. There was a woman inside the museum I talked with her and another lady - and do you know, I forgot to ask their names? I gave them my business card since that's all I had with me. They knew about Lafayette Lacers, but both live far enough away and have trouble traveling so they didn't join. This woman had a beautiful bonnet there that a granddaughter had tatted - seems she has taught a few of them to tat. LOL! She also had some of the Shuttle Brothers' SCMR butterflies done. A few items were tatted in size 100 thread. I wish I'd gotten her name - well, maybe she will call me.

Then I stopped at an antique store on the way home. Looking for shuttles, of course. None, of course. LOL! But I did see one hankie with tatting. No I didn't get it. Also a big doilie tatted in red and white #10 thread. Kinda ugly, but the tatting was very good. I did buy 2 hankies with embroidery but no edging.

My son moved to a new house on Friday. I cried. For 3 days. But I'm fine now. He is only 10 minutes away. All of my children live within 15 minutes drive, so I have nothing to cry about, but I sure do miss him.

His moving got me motivated to do some cleaning though. I moved all my scrapbooking supplies and photos to his old room. I'm going to list a bunch of old craft magazines on ebay. And what I don't sell there will go in a garage sale and then ...who knows? They are mostly cross stitch, which I never mastered, and some old misc. craft magazines that are either duplicates or have nothing I will ever make in them. HA! I sorted these out over 2 years is not good for me to go through them again, but I am. Already pulled some to look at ONE LAST TIME!

I bought a new printer but have not hooked it up yet. I thought I would get it done this weekend...but I didn't. I only have about 6 rosettes done for my hat. I tried tatting the copper metallic thread and beads and it simply does not slide well. I don't know how I ever made the earrings from it that I did. So I'm not sure how I will embellish the copper colored shuttle now. I've base-coated another in white and plan to paint little roses on it. I've only got 10 days before the County Fair so I'm not expecting to get the hat done. I could enter my shuttles in the collections segment though.

Well, I'm in the middle of a rosette - decided to take a break and now I should fix something to eat and get back to it.


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