Sunday, July 31, 2005


I've spent the better part of today going through craft books, including tatting literature, in an effort to declutter via the garage sale way. My daughter is having a garage sale next weekend. I hadn't quite intended to get this extensive but the more I do, the more I see to do.

I've listed a few odds and ends on ebay....nothing tatting related...and have been continually reinspired to projects I've wanted to do but haven't yet. I'm pleased I've managed at least 1 filet crochet item the last 2 years. I might have to step that up a bit. I'm getting rid of a lot of general crafts magazines, most of the cross-stitch magazines, and I'm even giving up some things I never thought I would. I think I'll be motivated to give up even more later.

I have one tatting friend who doesn't have a computer so she only prints off a limited amount of what is available on the web. I have so many duplicates and I can't bear to just throw them away. Now I know why - I'll just hand off the extras to my friend. I already asked and she already said YEAH!

I also found 4 shuttles that I had used at Palmetos and then stuck in a bag and forgot. Whoops! How much more of that will I find?

I found a little bag of the Wade, England porcelein figurines that used to come in Red Rose tea. Do you know these are collectors items now? Ebay has several listed but they don't really look like they are doing that well. I'll watch a bit more before I decide to sell or Goodwill them. I'll give the elephant to my daughter. According to the official history site, the elephant was in the 1st series between 1983 and 1985. Others from that series are valued around $25.00 that I've seen so far. I have the giraffe from series 2 and it's listed at $20.


Well...I have all of Jane Eborall's patterns printed out and in their protective plastic sheets and in their very own notebook, a 3 1/2" binder with about 1 more inch of space to fill, maybe 1 - 1/2". LOL! I think we need to have a Jane-a-thon next weekend....everyone tat and see how many motifs can be completed over the weekend. Details later.

Lest anyone think I've completely abandoned tatting, here's the mignonette shuttle bag I've been working on. I started it before I got phase II of the T.A.T. program, only to find there is a variation of it in the projects. I'm really glad I'm making this one. It's repetitive, so it helps perfect the technique, but it definitely takes a practice piece before doing the real project. I haven't actually started the 2nd phase....well, I did do 2 of the picot techniques....but they are so easy and there's something like 20 of them. Just little samples....don't get scared. I was watching "What the Bleep...." this evening while tatting, and of course, I joined in the wrong place. The thread shredded a bit as I opened the ring so I ended up cutting and reattaching. This is a Flora, size 50, variegated that always disappoints me when I tat with it. The colors don't flow the way I expect them to. I think it's the white. If the white wasn't in there, I would like it better. The beads are from an exchange with Sue Hanson. There are more purples highlights in them than the scan shows. I will say the striped effect would make a nice stocking. Now there's a design idea!

I brought home a couple more large binders this afternoon. I have another one crammed full of Georgia Seitz's online lessons. I believe I have as many more printed out and not in anything yet. I also have several other binders not as wide that are filled with patterns....and a storage tub too....besides all the books I have. I remember when all of my tatting "stuff" fit into a little wicker sewing basket. There is NO WAY I can use all this thread and all these beads and all these patterns before I die, but I'm gonna have FUN trying!

Celtic Dreamweaver, Sherry Townsend, has started a blog too, Celtic's Lacing and Whimsical Thoughts. Pretty eyecandy there already!


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