Saturday, July 23, 2005

Break time. I finished the deviled eggs and cutting up the cantelope for tomorrow's cookout. I still want to make the stuff for bruschetta but I'll do that a little later.

I picked up my fair entries this morning. BTW, our Lace group member, Cathy Kozlowski, won two big ribbons. She also had an embroidered piece that won Reserve. I remembered seeing it after she told me but I hadn't seen her name on it. It is beautiful!

I was hoping to see some helpful comments on the back of my entry tags. I got 3 red and 2 blue. Forgot to pick up the actual ribbons since I was also picking up my grandson's projects - but I don't have much use for them anyway. In a drawer someplace. LOL! So here are the comments:

Filet Crochet mat: Blue "filet work is even and beautifully done. Delightful pattern."

Amulet bag: Red "Nice to see tatting and beads used in this pouch!"

Butterfly necklace: Blue "Intriguing use of tatting and beads. Lovely! And beautifully done."
Corner bookmark: Red "Pretty combination of colors. Lovely even work."
Garden Path Bookmark: Red "Very pretty edging. Orange adds a spark of color like a daylily in the midst of greens!"

LOL! I appreciate the compliments but they wouldn't help me prepare for next year's entry. Ah well.....all I really want is to make tatting visible. And there were tatted entries from 2 other people - YEE HAW!

When I got back home this morning, I found some lovely butterflies on my table. My youngest son, Jesse, had left them for me as a birthday present! He said he'd found them in March and managed to hang onto them all that time....without telling me. LOL!

So while I'm looking around for a place to put the butterflies and photograph them, I found some other things I haven't put out yet. Like this tea-for-one that I bought at a garage sale last weekend. It's a Pflatzgraf pattern. I have a nice winter holiday collection going now.

Here's a tea set I bought in French Lick this week. We ate at the hotel after a hot day of inspecting farms and then took a quick tour around a few nearby city blocks. I found this in a little gift store that also rented videos. The pot is only the size of my tea-for-one teapots, so you can imagine how little the cups and saucers are.

And this is the tea-for-one I found in clearance in the tiny back room of the gift shop in the French Lick Hotel & Spa gift shop. What a deal!

I'm still working on my hatband and the beaded shuttle bag. My house is a complete wreck so after the bruschetta fixings, I'm going to try to create some order here. I'm sorting items for a garage sale at my daughter's so it's CLUTTERED!

And don't you Fly Lady people try to help me out!
Fly Fly Swatter Too Funny ROTFL

(I'm teasing!)


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