Thursday, November 27, 2008

Congratulations to Gina Butler!!!!

Gina Butler from Oklahoma City was the 150,000th visitor to the Threads of a Tatting Goddess Blog! Your tatting goddess goes in the mail tomorrow if I get your mailing address by then.

Location Continent : North America
Country : United States (Facts)
State : Oklahoma
City : Oklahoma City
Time of Visit Nov 27 2008 8:21:36 am
Visit Entry Page http://threadsofatat
Visit Exit Page http://threadsofatat
Out Click Email Tatting Goddess
Time Zone UTC-6:00
Visitor's Time Nov 27 2008 8:21:36 am
Visit Number 150,000

A few others thought they were the one, but only one location shows for the 150,000th so I have to go with that one. I wish I could give a goddess to everyone who visits but I guess that just makes it special!

Anyway, it seems appropriate that the one tatter people often confuse me with is the winner. Gina Butler has the same initials as me and it's gotten more than one person sending things to the wrong person! Now to make things even more confusing, when my new auto license plate arrived this year, they had changed the way they are numbered. We used to have the county number and then a letter and then random numbers. Now we have 3 numbers and 3 letters....guess what mine are? If you've ever seen Gina's online ID, you'll have an's 268BEA. So if you see a car at a tatting event and it shows those 3 letters, it's ME, not Gina Butler!! (unless she has a personalized plate! Do you Gina?)

I remember wondering if my visitors would ever hit 100? I gave the link to a few friends after I started my blog. It was probably months before it ever got to 100. LOL! I don't think it happened until I started my yahoo group and it started with only a dozen members so it did take awhile. People weren't used to blogs, only websites, and I think they viewed it as an online diary. I do share personal stuff, but most of my blog is focused on tatting.

Anyway, it's introduced me to so very many people all over the world. I like to think that I've helped make tatting more visible and accessible through this medium. I hope I've inspired a few along the way too.

And many thanks to Jane Eborall who told me how to forward my gmail automatically!!! That's another benefit of blogging - mention a problem and someone is there to help! Of course, after she told me, it seemed so obvious. I think I was trying to change it at the group site instead of the email site.

This is the bookmark I mentioned, made from Judi Banashek's directions in Advanced Tatting Patterns. It was definitely for advanced tatters. She told how to make the motif. She told how long to make that long picot and to leave it off for a 4 sided or 5 sided piece. The picture is either an xerox copy or a drawing and has a ribbon running through the center. She doesn't tell you what to do with the long picots or exactly how to turn, only that you just tat half a chain. I considered joining them but decided not to....some are not quite long enough. If I make a bookmark again, I'll make a regular size picot or leave it off. The thread is size 30 Omega. It looks like size 20 tatted up though.

That reminds me, last Saturday at tatting guild, when we made the candy cane, the model was made in size 10. I used size 20 thread instead and we were all amazed to see the size 20 candy cane was about half the size of the size 10 sample. It's not usually such a dramatic difference with only one step up in thread size.

I also tatted a few repeats of Singtatter's bookmark but forgot to bring it with me today. I was trying to empty a shuttle and only got 2 repeats done and knowing I didn't have enough thread on the shuttles, I just tatted a tail and still made a bookmark out of it. I was hoping to show it but I'll remember the next time. It's hard for me to keep everything straight while moving between houses. My friends will be back Sunday from their visit in Houston, TX and my life should get back to normal. HA!

And btw, I ended up taking an antibiotic for what turned out to be an upper respiratory infection. I feel so much better now! So there is much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving Holiday.

Thanksgiving Leaves Turkey Wave


  1. Congratulation to Gina and a Happy Thanksgiving to both Gina's! and to all my American friends.

  2. Congrats to Gina! That bookmark is pretty. I really like the color. Hope your thanksgiving was happy!


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