Saturday, November 15, 2008

I'm sending these to a friend for her stitching on something else. It was a nice little diversion. The one on the left is Sue Fuller's pattern from A Potpourri of Tatting which is out of print. I love this little tree - it's so easy, all chains and quick. The middle one is what I mentioned in last post, the delphinium by Lindsay Rogers in Tatting Collage, but it's doubling as a potential Christmas tree this time. The ones on the right are from Patty Duff's Minitats. When I tatted it in green last year, I didn't like it but I like these. The one on the left is in size 50 thread but the others are in size 30 thread. I left the tails long so the recipient can use them for the sewing onto whatever she puts them on.

We have 3 super Walmarts in town, 2 in Lafayette and 1 in West Lafayette. Over the past few days, I've been to the WL one and the one on SR26. They still have their fabric and craft areas. It's only the one close to me that got rid of theirs, and they are the newest one. I still don't have a clue why.

I was in Hobby Lobby tonight and found the perfect thing for my Secret Santa exchange! It was under the $10 limit AND on top of that, when I got to the checkout, it was 50% off!!!! I'm so excited. I haven't quite figured out how I'm going to ...ah...embellish? it but I have ideas. I think I'll start with some black ______ and then over that, maybe some deep pink _______ and some mauve ___ and then some ______. It's going to be so cute! And useful too!

I can be working on that while I work on Becky's package. I should be sending Jon's out on Monday. Things are coming together so that I can get back on track. I may have to skip the mystery motif this month if I'm to also work on the reindeer.

It's such an intensive time at work. We're doing fraternity and sorority annual fire and safety inspections plus I'm inspecting some other buildings that are due. It's so tiring. I didn't even go to the gym all week until today. for more tatting!


  1. Oh, I see the tree in the "delphinium" now! LOL!

  2. I love them all....the trees with colorful beads remind me of TattyCat's tatting Rainbow tree.

  3. oh they are so so yummy.
    The friend is waiting with joyous anticipation.
    Thank you so so much. I will be able to finish my round robin crazy quiling last stocking in style.
    Aren't blogging friends special people?

  4. These are great. They are inspiration for earrings!

  5. Very pretty and generous, as you always are. Lots going on at home and at work. Have fun but take care of you!

  6. Coincidences are so funny. My brother asked me just a few days ago to tat something for christmas to put on his website and I did Patty Duff's tree. I find I like to do her minitats with two different colors and some beads. See

  7. Those are cute! I especially love the Sue Fuller trees. I keep hoping she'll reprint her book. Her patterns are beautiful.


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