Monday, November 10, 2008

Connie got her package so I can show a few things I tatted. The choker pattern by Judith Connors became a border on this Autumn towel. It was about the easiest project in the whole thing! I also made a pincushion just like this one and a tea caddy with a tatted teapot on the front. There were other goodies which I hope helped make up for her having to wait so long!

I had fun painting another shuttle too. There are days when I wish I could paint all day long!

Remember my purse angst some time back? I bemoaned the fact that mine was so heavy and big and I couldn't figure out how to downsize? Well, right now it is much lighter because I have not transferred everything back since the cruise and I'm holding out as long as I can to see what I absolutely have to have. In the meantime, as I attempt to declutter my living room, I see a reader tip in First, a biweekly magazine I pick up sometimes at Walmart or the grocery.

The reader, Linda Robinson from Santa Barbara, CA, says she empties her purse into a basket as she comes in the door every night. This forces her to trash clutter and take care of bills or deposits she might have forgotten about, plus swapping purses in the morning is a breeze. I wonder if I could get myself into the habit of doing that? I'd have to empty about 6 pockets in the purse too though. Maybe...the idea does hold promise.

I mentioned that I found some UFO's while doing some sorting.....well...last night I found 6 more plus I know I have one stuck inside a book and one on my computer desk. How does this happen???


  1. Your handpainted shuttle is so cuuuuuute! It looks like you painted on a wooden shuttle. What kind is it and if it's wooden, where do you get them?

  2. Thanks tattingchic. They are plastic shuttles. I do have some wooden shuttles that I bought from Chris Parsons in the UK several years ago but they were pricey, even for blanks, even back then (1992-2000).

  3. What do you use for a base coat? I have a plain wooden shuttle I'd like to paint a posey upon. I use fast-drying acrylics with the addition of the product that allows the paint to "glide" on...
    It is very pretty. Most of my wood shuttles are in lovely woods like lacewood, bloodwood, myrtlewood and I would not want to cover those as I love the patterns in the wood,
    Best Wishes, Bev

  4. I use acrylic for a base coat. In this case, I used a purple nail polish over the acrylic base and then painted the flower in acrylic but the white dots are another nail polish. Then I used a clear polish over all of that - several coats. This is a plastic shuttle, not a wooden one. I would love to find wooden blank ones like this at a reasonable cost.


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