Friday, November 07, 2008

Don't argue with an idiot; people watching may not be able to tell the difference.

LOL! I got this as part of an email this morning. I'm not in the habit of arguing with people, publicly OR privately, but this is a good reminder not to.

Every so often I run across something that really touches my heart. Earlier this week I visited The Tarnished Tatter's blog and found this loving tribute to a deeply missed 4-legged companion. I thought it was so sweet and ordered the pattern which I finally got around to tatting last night and blocking, very late. Not my best work, but I know the pattern works and it's a fairly quick tat, if you want to offer a little something to someone who is grieving for a lost pet. She titled it "Paw Prints on my Heart". It's designed in needle tatting but I had no trouble following it with my shuttles.

Lovely design, Heather.


  1. That is really a sweet heart! Love the saying you offerred at the top of the post!

  2. Such sage advice! I try also not to antognize people but I wish I could tattoo some of them in my working brain and be able to recall as needed.

    As I'm watching one of the grandcats sit comfortably on the floor and enjoying the birds flitting in and out of the feeders, I know how blessed we are to have around us 3 healthy kitties. They are beloved.

  3. I hope never to be thought of as the "idiot" I seldom argue, but a good discussion may be profitable if in a spirit of good will.
    Paw Print I bought the little pattrn from Tarnished Tatter, but I'm having a difficulty with the paw! does it work clockwise or counter clockwise? the notating in parenthesis is what confused me (appears twice) My "paw" just looked like an onion ring. Any help would be appreciated. I wrote TT, but since she does needle work; figured it might be difficult for translation. I'd really like to make this for my friend who lost a pet.
    Help Gina? LOL
    Best Wishes, Bev

  4. I answered BJ privately as it is too involved to post here.


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