Friday, November 14, 2008

Martha was kind enough to send a scan of my other Romanian Point Lace teapot. I tried using a star at the bottom of this one. I did like the star but I didn't like the netting around it, but I am never happy with that stitch. I feel like I don't get it as nice and even as it shows in the pictures. I usually like the effect of 2 or 3 buttonhole stitches in each thread instead of 1.

I have not had time to work on the mystery motif this month. I started one but haven't gotten back to it and I want to finish up Jon's package and start my SS before I tackle anything else.

It's been an exceptionally busy week at work and this will probably continue until right after Thanksgiving and then it will be much much slower!

A couple of quick tats for a friend. I'll be tatting some other quickies from a different pattern for her before I send them off. This is the delphinium from Tatting Collage, but they're not being used as delphiniums. It's amazing the different uses you can find for shapes.

I expect to finish up a couple of projects this weekend and almost, ALMOST, be caught up. I've had a rather exasperated request to complete the reindeer design I started (ulp!) five years ago. Seriously, I would like to finish it too. I wonder if I can remember how I got those teensy bells on there? LOL!


  1. I think your teapot looks great. I also understand when you are expecting something to look a certain way and it just doesn't meet up to those expectations. Been there, done that. LOL

    The delphinium's are cute and the reindeer too, I am sure it will come back to you concerning the bells. Anxious to see it as a finished project. I am not trying to rush you. LOL

    I am working on the cat design from Not sure if you remember but I am new to tatting and just realized all my practice pieces have been edgings. I never had to close a circle piece. So now I am stuck. I don't know how to finish his head, the proper way that is. :)
    I may have to try to needle tat him until I figure out how to join the ring to the picot on chain. Then again I made the flower basket. I wonder if I am just forgetting something.

    Now that I wrote a book.... Thanks for sharing all your work.

  2. Isn't it funny how when a design is forming and we do something different (like your fabulous idea for the bells in the reindeer's "belt") we think at the time that we will never forget how we did that. Funny how a little "note to self" changes all that, but hindsight is always 20/20. Thanks for the inadvertent reminder to me to write notes on my designs even tho' I think I won't need them! Your reindeer looks like it will turn out very cool. I hope you share it with us when you are finished!

  3. Love the reindeer; I'm sure it will come back to you! I enjoyed doing the delphinium, havent drawn a background for them as yet. I do like the Tatting Collage Book.
    I'm off the hook as I don't design and never will ~ but I admire those who make patterns for the rest of us.
    Bev aka Ridgetatter


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