Sunday, November 02, 2008

I tatted this piece during the cruise and was waiting until it was blocked to show it but I haven't even hidden the ends yet. There are two parts to it - this and the exact same thing on the bottom, I think.

It's from this book and while the diagram shows all three pieces and how they fit together, it doesn't really show how the two halves go together. I THINK the bottom half is only the large motif now, not all three. From the photograph, it looks like it has to be stiffened.

I think something screwy is going on with my blogroll. I noticed Jane Eborall's blog says it hasn't been updated for weeks and we all know that is impossible! I saw a few others on the list that I know have been updated. I was looking for a link to Terry the Tatter's blog, which I thought I had but couldn't find. She tatted the rose brooch on the same page as the motif above. I also have one of those in the works and will eventually get to finish it.

I finished this RPL teapot yesterday to send to a friend. I made another one earlier which I'm also sending and thought I had scanned it but I can't find it now (am I not repeating myself repeatedly?) and it's already sealed in an envelope.

I haven't gotten nearly as much done this week as I had hoped, housewise, but I got Connie's package done and it's ready to go out too. I also have a good friend whose birthday passed while I was gone and I want to finish something up for her but I don't see how I can do it before I return to work tomorrow. I did get the majority of my tatting threads put away this evening. I need to get Jon's package started and the November mystery motif posted so the week will still be a whirlwind!

On top of that, Indiana does not change back from DST just yet but it says so on my computer so I'm constantly confused about what time it really is! I'll have to fudge on the post time or it won't publish for another hour.


  1. LOL! I just picked up that same book at the lace show, yesterday! I remember thinking that if anyone wants to know who the author is I'm just going to have to show a picture of the cover like you just did because the author's name is written in Japanese characters ALL THROUGH THE book, LOL!
    Beautiful motif! Can't wait to see whatever it is finished. Love the colors. So pretty!

  2. That book is a lovely book =). Author is Yusai Shokoin if that helps ya =).

  3. Hi Gina,

    love the flower, very pretty colors.
    i have noticed the same problem with Jane's blog. I wonder what is up.

  4. Your tatted piece is beautiful, I'll keep watch for the finished motif. I love the RPL teapot! Your filling stitches are so even, I'm jealous. I know - practice, practice! I feel a sampler coming on.

  5. I love that motif. The yellow beads are perfect. It reminds me of a pansy. I'm looking forward to seeing the whole thing together.

    I've also noticed that some blogs won't update, too. I even redid my entire list just to see if maybe the code was out of date. Alas, no luck.

  6. Thanks Wickedtats - on Terry's site, she was told someone else ws the author and I didn't think that was right, but had no way of knowing.

    tattr3 - ha! I thought it was so funny when I checked your blog and saw you were doing a rpl snowflake right before I published. I'm anxious to see how yours turns out!

    tattingchic - that was the expensive book I bought LAST year. I think it was $30. I picked it up and put it down half a dozen times but I really wanted to make that motif and wasn't sure I could do it without studying the existing one.

    I did post a question to blogger groups about the blogrolls not updating since I didn't see it in current issues but haven't checked back yet.


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