Saturday, November 29, 2008

I Love an Inspiring Story

I believe we hear far too much of the sensational "bad" news. I believe there is far more good in the world than bad and if we focused more on the good, it would only increase. A friend sent me a different version of this story, set to music, but this one tells you the history. I do not believe these people are really exceptional. I believe we all have this capability. What makes them exceptional is that they used it.

In spite of it being a holiday weekend, I spent a good part of Friday at work, finishing up some paperwork that was really making me feel overwhelmed. I haven't gotten to do nearly as much tatting as I had hoped, but I did get most of this bag done. It's for the friend I'm housesitting for. Her birthday was right after I came back from the cruise but I was still off and didn't get to her luncheon. I wanted to make something for her anyway, but needed to finishe up my anniversary winners first. I'm finally caught up there (still working on Betsy's) so I could work on this. She loves things from the 50's so I thought this would go with the hats and gloves and jewelry she has collected .... or she could actually use it! She goes to conferences sometimes (food inspector) and this would be nice to hold a hotel key and some change.

I had trouble deciding which beads/buttons to use. A single white pearl shank button looked spectacular in the black flower but didn't really go with anything else. As I dug through my beads, I found these brown ones that worked better than anything else I had. There are a few goodies tucked inside now and I know she is on the road on the way home so she won't see this blog entry before she gets here!

And here's the ribbon bookmark pattern from Ellen without the ribbon!

Next weekend my lace group demo's for the Dickens of a Christmas downtown. I'm going to participate this time. I haven't been able to get involved in anything we've done the past year.

I'm home at the moment, taking care of some chore, but I'll be going back to Paula's soon. Tomorrow evening I'll be back home again. Yay!


  1. Love the bookmark and little tatted "clasp". I love how you find ways to add tatting to useful things. I love the leopard print and black tatting together, too! Nicely done.

  2. I like the tatting as always, but was truly blessed with the You Tube video, have you seen Nick Vuijic - the man without limbs, his video always inspires me. I have a nephew Marc Singh who is mentally challenged...sally


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