Saturday, November 08, 2008

I wonder if anyone recognizes this edging? I suspect it is from Mary Konior since there was another motif in the baggie that is one of Mary's patterns but I don't find this edging in that book and I'm trying to stay focused on sorting and cleaning in the living room and NOT get sidetracked with finding a pattern.

Or maybe turned the other way like this????

I would really like to tat off the rest of the thread on the shuttles. I'll find something to put the edging on and even have a few ideas in mind. I have no idea what the original idea was. LOL! I don't even remember tatting it but I do remember the other two pieces in the baggie. They were test tatting to see if they would work to frame something. This is different thread though and clearly for something else, long forgotten it seems!


  1. Isn't it fun finding UFO's? LOL! I find baggies of them sometimes and I'm thinking "What in the HECK was I doing with this!". It's funny. Whatever it was you were doing; it is a pretty pattern!

  2. Judy from Sydney12:15 AM

    Dear Gina,

    This lovely pattern is Fiordaliso -one of Iris Niebach's edging patterns. The pattern is in her Fantasia book, p.21. I don't have a scanner, so unfortunately I cannot scan it for you...I enjoy browsing your blog from time to time,

    Judy ( from Sydney, Australia)

  3. Uauh, this morning I found no comment on my blog, so it made me so happy to see one of my patterns worked by you, and with such a lovely thread. This is pattern from my first book "Tatting Fantasia" with rose cover. Thank you so much,

  4. Thank you Judith, I do have the book - just couldn't remember what book I got it from!

    Thank you for the lovely compliment Iris! I love that suggestion of a butterfly between the larger segments.

  5. Tattingchic - as I've sorted out more tonight, I found 4 more UFO's. And that was just from 2 small containers.

  6. I like your edging. A lovely advert for Iris's book. I may just have to invest in this book, a present to me from me :-)


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