Thursday, June 18, 2009

Friendship Puzzle Pieces!

I can't believe I haven't made time to post these yet! You can see all of them together, before Pat sent them out, HERE!

The piece on the left was made by Needled Mom, Mary Schuberg, from L.A. I love the embroidery she has done on this - the tiny tiny little staggered blocks in different colors and the braid that looks like it was wound over another thread and then somehow twisted - and then couched or woven with yet another solid thread. She's also got beads and tatting - can't go wrong there! LOL!

The piece on the right is made by Freda of Sew What's New, and she comes from Illinois. Wouldn't it be a hoot if she was at the Lace Day and I didn't know it? I love the gold hand mirror charm! I don't know how they do that misty fluffy stuff with the thread but it's soooooo pretty. On the back it is pink/gold fabric which might be hand dyed and with swirly gold lines painted on top of that.

You know, each of these pieces is a story in itself.

And guess where this one is from???? Do you remember seeing it? It's one from Umi & Tsuru! It was the first one she showed. The embroidery is beautiful - so even and neat, the colors a delight to the eye. I also got the little tatted fob she included with each piece. It just dawned on me as I emailed her to thank her, that she probably has not received her pieces yet since they had to go all the way to Singapore!

I've heard from one person who got one of mine but I don't know which one or who got the others. It will be fun to see where they all went. I know Pat has one.

She sent me this I.O.U. for her piece so I still have one surprise coming! That's how I like to celebrate birthdays too....spread it out over a week or two or ...three. LOL!

While I'm still a little challenged about finishing the edges, I expect to do this again in the fall. Actually...I've got two pieces I never did finish for this round and one of them looks very Autumn-ish to me. I should go ahead and make them now! (sigh....right after the next dozen projects!)


  1. Very cool! I especially like Wendy's piece!

  2. Beautiful. All the pieces together are breathtaking. What will you do with your puzzle pieces?

  3. Those are lovely, Gina. It looks like a fun swap to have been a part of. :)

  4. Hi Gina,
    I got my puzzle pieces today. Yeah, they arrived safe and sound. I did not get one of yours but they are pretty cool too. I will photograph them and post them soon. Do drop by to visit soon.

  5. The puzzle pieces look like they was a fun project to be involved in. There sure are alot of talent people out there.


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