Sunday, June 21, 2009

Recognize this pattern?

I'm a little depressed today as I can't seem to get anything accomplished. I've gotten a little done, thought I would post here and then go to the gym. I think I need to get out and be physically active for a bit.

I've been cleaning off the area around where I sit and tat. I am just amazed at how I accumulate things there. I feel like I'm always putting something away, but judging by the 20 or so balls of thread and 3 casks of beads, apparently not as much as I thought. THIS is a UFO. I don't have a clue what pattern it is. Do you? I'm pretty sure it was something I started during the Secret Valentine exchange and it's probably a heart, but which one? It was going to be a big one, I think. I had so many ideas then that I abandoned and I really don't remember this one. I have another one in a ceremic jar that I do remember, but not this one. If it rings a bell with you, please let me know!

After I finished the paw print hearts, I was looking for something quick to tat the other night, something to empty a shuttle with and yet not take up too much time. At some point in recent months, I'd brought out Sharon Brigg's book, shown above, to tat from. I got it a long time ago and hadn't made a single thing from it. Initially, I thought I might do another 25 motif challenge and go through her book in the process, but the projects in the latter part of the book are quite involved, 3D, and big. Still, I thought using the 25 motif challenge would commit me to finishing it but the more I think of it, the more I Not right now. But I am going to continue tatting in it so you'll see the projects as I go along.

These are the first three bookmarks. The first two are the same but in one, the blue one, the center ring is actually a chain, while the second one is made with a ring. Sharon's book is meant to build on techniques so this was a good way to illustrate the way a ring and a chain can do the same thing in some cases. It's a very easy pattern. She has a tassel on the ends of hers but I didn't want to bother making them so they're finished a bit differently at the tail end but that's all. The 3rd pattern is the butterfly which I think turned out very nicely. I think there are three more bookmark patterns before I get into edgings and motifs.

I mentioned in the last post about going through some crochet magazines I got at a yard sale the weekend before - actually a Friday during my lunch hour! There were 6 boxes of crochet magazines and books selling at 10¢ each. I bought 70 of them and barely made a dent. I didn't have time to pick through much or I probably would have gotten more. My daughter Laurie also crochets so she will enjoy them.

I also got a Currier & Ives tin full of sewing supplies and buttons which I sorted out last night. Apparently the owner passed away. A man I took to be the husband told me several times that "she" loved to crochet and made beautiful stuff, and everywhere they went, she bought another magazine....and he smiled. I think he misses her. Anyway, I don't know why I felt a need to sort the buttons by color last night but I did and in the process, I found some 3-hole buttons! There are about 20 of them. Some time ago, there was a discussion on some of the groups about 3 hole buttons - we were thinking about tatting on them, but finding them is the hard part. There was a shirt manufacturer who used to use the 3 hole buttons but I believe they stopped using them. I did find a source online, but the cost was prohibitive for just wanting to play around with a few odd buttons. I've set these aside to play with though.

There were also about half a dozen BIG HOLE buttons. LOL! Maybe I should put my earrings on these!

Well, that's all for now. Maybe I'll feel refreshed enough from my workout to dig into something else here. I think my son may be moving back in to save up for Grad school so that will mean some big changes here soon.


  1. Gina, I'm proud of you for taking care of yourself when you're feeling a little down. We all need to do something like that when we're down.

  2. Sorry, can't help with the pattern search. Love the buttons, though. I was thinking of you earlier - do try Martha's 3D teaset. It's so pretty and easy to do too. Just right for your tea collection!!!!

  3. You always so many interesting things on your blog and let us know what you are going thru! I enjoy you immensely. Yes, going to the gym will probably help. Will look for that flower book, looks like my kind of thing!

    Question: I am looking for the old kind of threadwork crochet patterns that were possibly labeled "for church" they were grapes and bread,(ie only) and the grapes could be padded etc. Maybe it was Irish Crochet? i'm on a search, any clue would be helpful from anyone. I enjoy thread crochet and am interested in the "new" old way.

  4. Thanks Tattingchic & Appalachian Woman - the gym did help. I did perk up and got a thing or two done.

    Jane, I test-tatted that one so I have it already made!

    Appalachian woman - it does sound like Irish Crochet. Have you tried an online search? Is this something like a mat, tablecloth, trim for an alter cloth - or what?

  5. Where did my comment go?! Will try again. Gina you are truly my sister, because you start something and then leave it unfinished, you are surrounded by balls of cotton and beads, and you also share my love of buttons. Hope you feel better this week.

  6. Wow! You have so much information here! I could spend all day (and then some) on your blog. I'm looking forward to having a good time here.

  7. Can't help with the red pattern, but it's very nice. I think if you just kept going it could be a wreath.

    The bookmarks are cute and so nicely finished at the ends!

  8. Pretty shade of red and the beads are a perfect intensity for the thread. I wonder if you will figure out what pattern you were following......

  9. red know what? I think it's a rose! I think it might be in one of the Japanese books that you roll up. I'll have to look the book up later and see if it matches!


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