Tuesday, June 23, 2009

From Creature Comforts and for Tatting Tea Tuesday here are: Teabag wrappers and tags!

So...maybe you could actually make a little fabric bag to hold the teabag in and stitch a little tatted heart or other motif to it????

Just thinking.......

And hey, go look at this beaded cup of tea on Plays With Needles!


  1. That beaded teacup is beyond amazing...and the story behind it touched me strongly.

  2. How funny you should mention little fabric bags with tatted motifs on them. Maggie Brown in Missouri made a batch of them last year for the Palmetto fundraiser sales. They are very popular, sell well, and can be used for tea or potpourri sachets or wedding favors with mints/almonds or small gift bags or . . . Maggie is just full of ideas!

  3. Thank you for linking to my blog...Plus I LOVE that hamburger dress but I think my bun would be a lot bigger!

  4. Bless you Gina for telling me about the accented E -- you're the best!


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