Monday, June 22, 2009

Hamburger Dress???

I actually got wind of this from Rachel Choi's newsletter, Crochet Spot. The dress was designed by Joy Kampia in 2005.

It's kind of fun to pick out all the elements: sesame seed bun, lettuce, onion, tomato, pickle, and cheese!

I just kind of wonder what kind of occasion you would wear this to? A bit too classy for Halloween. A carry-in?

It could be worse. There are iPhone Unlock Panties!

Here's something I'm playing around with. It's actually part of a requested class but it's got me inspired in so many directions that I'm spinning. Or maybe I'm just tired. LOL! This is only one draft. I have a second and third in the works. I have to have it figured out by Friday!

I stopped tatting because I could barely keep my eyes I'm off to get some shut-eye!


  1. I know I could never pull of wearing a hamburger dress, but it is fun to look to see if all my favorites have been included... yes they have!

    Are you working with Romanian Point Lace braid and tatting? After taking that Kumihimo class, I'm thinking of trying to make my own rick-rack and adding tatting to it. Thinking stuff up sure can wear you out! I hope you got a good night's sleep!

  2. Ha ha...if it had straps and a longer skirt I would definately wear that...I wouldn't need an occasion, I would just wear it.
    Your new project looks very intriquing.

  3. Well, if I wore it, it would have to be a WHOPPER dress!!!
    Interesting idea though...

  4. gosh i wish we lived closer.
    i want to learn rpl
    The way you have that framed would make a great card.
    Sorry you're not making it to tat days.

  5. All I want is the slim figure to look good in that funky dress, LOL.
    Your tatting teaser looks intriguing.

  6. Intriguing it as!

    I like this new background....


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